Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians

  • Edited by Susan Bryant
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Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians is a highly practical guide to anesthesia skills for veterinary technicians published in association with the Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists (AVTA). Packed with hints and tips to aid technicians in the practice of veterinary anesthesia, the book offers an essential resource to building anesthesia skills and improving knowledge. Encompassing both background knowledge and practical application of anesthesia-related skills, Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians is a valuable resource for veterinary technicians of all skill levels. Supplementary website materials, including charts and forms for use in the practice, are available at .
Contributors vii Preface ix Acknowledgments xi 1. Review of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 3 Susan Bryant 2. The Preanesthetic Workup 13 Jennifer Dupre 3. Mathematics and Calculations for the Veterinary Anesthetist 29 Sharon Johnston 4. Records and Record Keeping 35 Heather Dulong 5. Preanesthetic Preparation 41 Connie Warren 6. Intravenous Access 49 Shawn Takada 7. Airway Maintenance 57 Darci Palmer 8. Anesthesia Equipment 71 Harry Latshaw and Deb Coleman 9. Introduction to Monitoring: Monitoring the ECG and Blood Gases 85 Jennifer Keefe 10. Monitoring: Pulse Oximetry and Temperature, and Hands-On 95 Amy Levensaler 11. Monitoring Blood Pressure and End-Tidal CO2 in the Anesthetized Patient 105 Heidi L. Reuss-Lamky 12. Fluid Therapy and Blood Products 123 Courtney Beiter 13. Premedication and Sedation Drugs 135 Sandra Robbins 14. Induction Drugs 143 Lori Fuehrer 15. Inhalant Anesthetics 153 Sharon Fornes 16. Recovery of the Anesthetic Patient 159 Michelle Cheyne 17. Anesthetic Complications and Emergencies 167 Samantha McMillan 18. Ventilation Techniques in Small Animal Patients 187 Christine Slowiak 19. Anesthesia for Ophthalmology Patients 195 Kim Lockhead 20. Anesthesia for Patients with Cardiac Disease 205 Wendy Curtis-Uhle and Katy W. Waddell 21. Anesthesia for Small Animal Patients with Head Trauma or Increased Intracranial Pressure 219 Ellen LoMastro 22. Anesthesia for Thoracotomies and Respiratory-Challenged Patients 227 Susan Bryant 23. Anesthesia for Patients with Endocrine Disease 239 Susan Holland 24. Anesthesia for Patients with Renal Disease 245 Kristen Cooley 25. Anesthesia for Patients with Liver Disease 257 Heather Carter 26. Anesthesia for Pediatric Patients 267 Trish Farry 27. Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients 275 Trish Farry 28. Cesarean Section Techniques 283 Christopher L. Norkus 29. Anesthesia for Emergency Trauma Patients 293 Katy W. Waddell 30. Anesthesia for Nontrauma Emergency Patients 301 Ami Gilkey 31. Anesthesia for Small Exotics: Ferrets, Rodents, and Rabbits 313 Jennifer Stowell 32. Basic Physiology of Pain 325 Lynette DeGouff 33. Pain Assessment 333 Kim Lockhead 34. Pain Management Strategies 345 Kim Spelts and James Gaynor 35. Equine Anesthesia 357 Lawrence E. Nann 36. Ruminant Anesthesia 373 Sharon Kaiser-Klinger Index 385

"Provides foundational information that can be used to build knowledge about anesthesia, while also providing the reader practical applications and tips. A unique benefit to the text is the suppleme

Uitgavejaar 2010
ISBN 9780813805863
Verschijningsdatum 29 jan. 2010
Omvang 416
Auteur(s) Edited by Susan Bryant

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