Applied Equine Nutrition and Training: Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2015

  • Arno Lindner
€ 50,49
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This book describes recent developments on equine nutrition and rehabilitation. Experts provide reviews on feeding horses with roughage only and with medicinal plants, as well as insight in the potential importance of monitoring the urine of horses for mycotoxins. Information on the effect of supplementing the diet of horses with dimethylglycine and aleurone complement the nutritive information. Moreover, overviews are given on managing the whole horse instead of the lesioned tissues only and inform on a new tool to monitor the effect of measures taken. In addition, there is very specific information on the effect of training horses included. The book will be of interest to those working in the field of equine sports nutrition, science and medicine.
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9789086862726
Verschijningsdatum 6 aug. 2015
Redactie Arno Lindner
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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