Basic Sciences for Dental Students

  • Simon A. Whawell, Daniel W. Lambert
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The `all-in-one' solution to mastering basic sciences in preclinical dentistry Basic Sciences for Dental Students is a cutting edge textbook specifically designed to support the needs of early years undergraduate dental students. Written by leaders in dental education and active oral and dental researchers involved with student assessment, the text explains the basic science that underpins the dental curriculum in undergraduate dental courses worldwide. Specifically related to dentistry and future clinical practice, chapters cover all of the introductory subjects that students need to know - biomolecules, cell biology, tissues of the body, cardiovascular, circulatory and pulmonary systems, the nervous system, immunology, oral microbiology, pathology, head and neck anatomy, tooth development, craniofacial development, saliva, and dental materials. Key features: Provides the basic science that underpins the early years of a dental curriculum Specifically tailored towards dentistry and future clinical practice Written by leaders in dental education and active oral and dental researchers Includes learning objectives and clinical relevance boxes throughout Self-assessment questions and downloadable figures are hosted on a companion website Basic Sciences for Dental Students is an indispensable resource for undergraduate dental students, especially those in the early years of their studies. It is also a useful revision tool for postgraduate MJDF and MFDS examinations and overseas candidates sitting their OREs.
List of Contributors vii About the Companion Website ix 1 Biomolecules 1 Daniel W. Lambert and Simon A. Whawell 2 Cell Biology 23 Daniel W. Lambert and Simon A. Whawell 3 Tissues of the Body 37 Daniel W. Lambert, Aileen Crawford and Simon A. Whawell 4 The Cardiovascular, Circulatory and Pulmonary Systems 51 Peter P. Jones 5 The Nervous System 67 Fiona M. Boissonade 6 Introduction to Immunology 91 John J. Taylor 7 Oral Microbiology 115 Angela H. Nobbs 8 Introduction to Pathology 135 Paula Farthing 9 Head and Neck Anatomy 155 Stuart Hunt 10 Tooth Development, Tooth Morphology and Tooth ]Supporting Structures 175 Alistair J. Sloan 11 Craniofacial Development 193 Abigail S. Tucker 12 Saliva and Salivary Glands 207 Gordon B. Proctor 13 Introduction to Dental Materials 223 Paul V. Hatton and Cheryl A. Miller Index 241
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9781118905579
Verschijningsdatum 22 dec. 2017
Omvang 288
Redactie Simon A. Whawell, Daniel W. Lambert
Auteur(s) Simon A. Whawell Daniel W. Lambert
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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