Beef Cattle Production Systems

  • A. Herring
€ 110,00
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This textbook provides an integrated view of beef cattle production with a systems based approach, discussing the interrelationships of a broad range of aspects with the overall goal of optimising cattle production. This book provides the background to allow cattle producers to match their production environments with genetic, management, and marketing opportunities for sustainable beef production globally. This logic and resulting considerations can then be tailored to address specific regional challenges and opportunities worldwide. Considerations and examples for extreme situations will be provided, such as very small herds, very large herds, communal-group situations, and minimal artificial input systems.
This practical book will be important reading for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students in animal and veterinary science, producers, extension workers and veterinarians.

Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781780645070
Verschijningsdatum 27 okt. 2014
Omvang 480
Auteur(s) A. Herring
Bindwijze Hardcover
Taal Engels
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