Biofuel from Microbes and Plants

  • Nitish Kumar
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Global concern for energy security and environmental protection has put great emphasis on the search for alternative energy sources, particularly for the transport sector. Biofuels have emerged as a highly promising source of alternative energy, and have drawn global R&D for their production using biomass. With the increasing worldwide demand of energy along with the depletion of conventional fossil fuel reserves, there has been growing global interest in developing alternative sources of energy. There has also been concern in growing economies regarding energy security. Biofuels offer much promise on these frontiers. In addition to the above, they also have a reduced environmental impact in comparison to fossil fuels. Biofuels provides state-of-the-art information on the status of biofuel production and related aspects. Academics, researchers, engineers and technologists will develop a greater understanding of the relevant concepts and solutions to the global issues related to achieving alternative energy application for future energy security, as well as environmental sustainability in medium and large-scale industries. Key Features Detailed overview of the alternative energy field and the role of biofuels as new energy sources Gives a detailed account of the production of biodiesel from non conventional bio-feedstocks such as algae, microbes and vegetable oils Recent updates about biotechnological improvement of plant and microbial source for biofuel production
Biofuel: The Green Alternative Nikita Patel, Swetal Patel, A.A. AbdulRahaman and R. Krishnamurthy Microalgal-based biofuel: Challenges and future perspectives Waleed M. M. El-Sayed, Hassan A.H. Ibrahim, Mohamed A.A. Abdrabo, and Usama M. Abdul-Raouf Waste To Energy: A means of sustainable development through Bioethanol production Girish Venkatachalapathy and Girisha Shiringala Thimappa Role of microbes in biofuel production Arpan Kumar Basak, Sayantani M. Basak, Kazimierz Strzalka, Pradip Kumar Chatterjee A comparative account on biodiesel production from forest seeds Jigna G. Tank, Rohan V. Pandya Development of Low cost Production medium and Cultivation techniques of Cyanobacteria, Arthrospira platensis for biofuel production R. Dineshkumar, N. Sharmila Devi, M. Duraimurugan, A. Ahamed Rasheeq, P. Sampathkumar Biofuel and halophytes Aneesha Singh1 and Krupali Dipakbhai Vyas Eco-friendly applications of natural secondary metabolites and status of siderophore Pratika Singh, Azmi Khan, Micky Anand, Hemant Kumar, Shivpujan Kumar, Amrita Srivastava Genetic Diversity analysis of Jatropha curcas: a biofuel plant Nitish Kumar Cellulase immobilization on magnetic nanoparticles for bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol Prabhpreet Kaur, Monica Sachdeva Taggar Biogas production in a biorefiney context: analysis of the scale based on different raw materials Poveda Giraldo J.A, Ortiz-Sanchez M, Piedrahita-Rodriguez S, Solarte-Toro J.C, Zetty-Arenas A.M., Cardona Alzate C.A Plant based biofuels and sustainability issues Lakshmi Gopakumar Microbial based biofuel production - A green sustainable approach Shreya Subedi, Anand M, Shobana R, Vijayalakshmi S, Bhaskar Das, Ranjitha J Biodiesel production from Mimusops elengi seed oil through means of co-solvent based transesterification using ionic liquid catalyst Gokul Raghavendra Srinivasana, Shalini Palania, Mamoona Munirb, Mohammed Saeedc, Ranjitha Jambulingama Conventional breeding methods for the genetic improvement of Jatropha curcas L.: A biodiesel plant Nitish Kumar
Uitgavejaar 2021
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Auteur(s) Nitish Kumar
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