Carcinoma of the Esophagus

  • Sheila C. Rankin
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Esophageal cancer is a relatively uncommon but highly lethal malignancy. The incidence of adenocarcinoma is rapidly increasing and improved survival will depend on prevention, earlier diagnosis, improved staging and appropriate treatment. The multidisciplinary team approach toward patient care is critical in determining the management of patients with esophageal cancer. This volume provides a detailed review of new endoscopic methods of diagnosis, staging using both conventional and functional imaging and assessment of surgical and medical methods of therapy, providing all members of the team with a detailed overview of the diagnosis and management of this malignancy.
Contributors; Series Foreword; Introduction; 1. Epidemiology, clinical presentation and prognosis of oesophageal cancer Satvinder S. Mudan, Jin-Yong Kang; 2. Pathology of oesophageal cancer Harriet Deere; 3. Recent advances in the Endoscopic diagnosis of oesophageal cancer Anne Marie Lennon, Ian D. Penman; 4. Endoscopic ultrasound in oesophageal cancer Anne Marie Lennon, Ian D. Penman; 5. CT in the evaluation of oesophageal cancer Naama R. Bogot, Leslie E. Quint; 6. FDG-PET and PET/CT in oesophageal cancer Sheila C. Rankin; 7. Surgical management of oesophageal cancer Robert Mason; 8. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy in oesophageal cancer Peter Harper, David Landau; 9. Role of stents in the management of oesophageal cancer Tarun Sabharwal, Andreas Adam; 10. Lasers in oesophageal cancer Laurence B. Lovat; Index.
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780521882859
Serie Contemporary Issues in Cancer Imaging
Verschijningsdatum 6 dec. 2007
Omvang 168
Auteur(s) Sheila C. Rankin
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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