Carranza's Clinical Periodontology E-dition

  • Carranza, F.A.; Newman, M.G.; Takei, H.;
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The Historical Background of Periodontology PART 1: EVIDENCE-BASED DECISION-MAKING Chapter 1. Evidence-Based Decision Making Chapter 2. Assessing the Evidence Chapter 3. Implementing Evidence-based Decisions in Clinical Practice PART 2: THE NORMAL PERIODONTIUM Chapter 4. The Gingiva Chapter 5. The Tooth-Supporting Structures Chapter 6. Aging and the Periodontium PART 3: CLASSIFICATION AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF PERIODONTAL DISEASES Chapter 7. Classification of Diseases and Conditions Affecting the Periodontium Chapter 8. Epidemiology of Gingival and Periodontal Diseases PART 4: ETIOLOGY OF PERIODONTAL DISEASES Chapter 9. Microbiology of Periodontal Diseases Chapter 10. The Role of Dental Calculus and Other Predisposing Factors Chapter 11. Genetic Factors Associated with Periodontal Disease Chapter 12. Immunity and Inflammation: Basic Concepts Chapter 13. Microbial Interactions with the Host in Periodontal Diseases Chapter 14. Smoking and Periodontal Disease Chapter 15. Molecular Biology of the Host-microbe Interaction in Periodontal Diseases: Selected Topics: Molecular Signaling Aspects of Pathogen-mediated Bone Destruction in Periodontal Diseases Chapter 16. Host Modulation PART 5: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PERIODONTAL DISEASE AND SYSTEMIC HEALTH Chapter 17. Influence of Systemic Disease, Disorders and Stress on the Periodontium Chapter 18. Periodontal Medicine: Impact of Periodontal Infection on Systemic Health Chapter 19. Oral Malodor PART 6: PERIODONTAL PATHOLOGY SECTION I: GINGIVAL DISEASE Chapter 20. Defense Mechanisms of the Gingiva Chapter 21. Gingival Inflammation Chapter 22. Clinical Features of Gingivitis Chapter 23. Gingival Enlargement Chapter 24. Acute Gingival Infections Chapter 25. Gingival Diseases in Childhood Chapter 26. Desquamative Gingivitis SECTION II: PERIODONTAL DISEASE Chapter 27. The Periodontal Pocket Chapter 28. Bone Loss and Patterns of Bone Destruction Chapter 29. Periodontal Response to External Forces Chapter 30. Masticatory System Disorders Chapter 31. Chronic Periodontitis Chapter 32. Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis Chapter 33. Aggressive Periodontitis Chapter 34. Pathology and Management of Periodontal Problems in Patients with HIV Infection PART 7: TREATMENT OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE SECTION I: DIAGNOSIS, PROGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PLAN Chapter 35. Clinical Diagnosis Chapter 36. Radiographic Aids in the Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease Chapter 37. Advanced Diagnostic Techniques Chapter 38. Risk Assessment Chapter 39. Levels of Clinical Significance Chapter 40. Determination of Prognosis Chapter 41. The Treatment Plan Chapter 42. Rationale for Periodontal Treatment Chapter 43. Periodontal Therapy in the Female Patient Chapter 44. Periodontal Treatment of Medically Compromised Patients Chapter 45. Periodontal Treatment for Older Adults Chapter 46. Treatment of Aggressive and Atypical Forms of Periodontitis SECTION II: TREATMENT OF PERIODONTAL EMERGENCIES Chapter 47. Treatment of Acute Gingival Disease Chapter 48. Treatment o

Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9781416023999
Verschijningsdatum 1 aug. 2006
Omvang 1328
Editie 10Rev ed
Auteur(s) Carranza, F.A.; Newman, M.G.; Takei, H.;
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