Case Studies in Clinical Linguistics

  • Mick Perkins Sara Howard
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This work aims to bring together a wide-ranging set of clinical linguistic case studies covering all levels of linguistic analysis and demonstrating the application of more than one level of linguistic analysis to individual cases. It focuses on "patient-driven" cases. The authors aim to demonstrate the collaborative nature of applied linguistics by illustrating the kind of service that speech and language therapists may reasonably ask of linguists, without feeling that they need have expertize in this area themselves. The case studies include a representative range of communication disorders and involve a wide range of areas of linguistics and phonetics. Most of the studies incoporate complementary analysis at several linguistic levels, and involve a wide variety of analytical techniques including standard assessments and profiling procedures, instrumental and computational procedures, and improvised materials tailored to the specific nature of individual cases.
Part 1. Preliminaries. Principles of Clinical Linguistic Analysis. Part 2. Developmental Communication Disorders. Intransigent Articulation disorder. Using Electropalatography to Assess and Remediate Misarticulated fricatives. Cleft Palate. Perceptual and Instrumental Analysis of a phonological System. Global Language Delay. Analysis of a Sever Central auditory Processing Deficit. Down's Syndrome. Linguistic Analysis of a Complex language. Conversational Disability. Assessment and Remediation. Part 3. Acquired Communication Disorders. Acquired Dysarthria. Segmental Phonological and Prosodic Analyses. Acquired Speech Disorder. Differential Diagnosis Using perceptual and Instrumental Analysis. Aphasia. Assessment and Remediation of a speech Discrimination Deficit. Aphasia. Conversation Analysis of a Non-fluent aphasic Individual. Closed Head Injury. Assessment and Remediation of Topic bias and Repetitiveness.
Uitgavejaar 1995
ISBN 9781897635759
Serie Exc Business And Economy (Whurr)
Verschijningsdatum 23 mei 1995
Omvang 364
Auteur(s) Mick Perkins Sara Howard
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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