Childhood-Onset Eating Problems

Findings from Research

  • Claudine Fox Carol Joughin
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Within the last few years, eating problems in childhood have become a real public health issue. Problems at this stage in the life course have a huge potential impact on the growth and development of the child and cause high anxiety for parents and carers. This report provides an up-to-date information resource about childhood-onset eating problems and discusses the current position of research within the field. It will be of practical use to general practitioners and paediatricians as well as other specialists working with children. Features: Focuses on eating problems found in children between the ages of 5-12 years Provides data about incidence Practical information about interventions and treatments Examines aetiological and maintaining factors Assesses long-term effects of an inadequate diet Discusses potential and actual outcomes for the different disorders Includes a review of the research conducted within the field and critical appraisal of key research papers
Contents Acknowledgements Preface Introduction 1. Types of eating problem *Classification *Eating problems *Identification of childhood-onset eating problems 2. Incidence and prevalence *General population *Clinical population 3. Aetiology and maintaining factors *Risk factors 4. Intervention approaches *Physical treatments *Behavioural therapy *Cognitive - behavioural therapy *Individualpsychodynamicpsychotherapy *Family therapy and parental counselling *Treatment of specific eating problems 5. Long-term outlook *Outlook of specific eating problems *Effect on growth and development 6. Outline of current service provision *Disciplines involved *Specialist services 7. Research within the field *History/background *Quantity and quality of research *Overview of research *Research tables *Table of status of research *Details of critical appraisal of services *Recent research 8. Conclusions and recommendations *Key issues *What about the future? Glossary Useful addresses Bibliography
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9781901242768
Verschijningsdatum 1 feb. 2002
Omvang 96
Auteur(s) Claudine Fox Carol Joughin
Bindwijze Paperback
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