Clinical Epidemiology

Practice and Methods

  • Patrick Parfrey
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Clinical epidemiology provides the scientific basis for the practice of medicine due to its focus on the diagnosis, prognosis and management of human disease using appropriate research design, measurement and evaluation. In Clinical Epidemiology: Practice and Methods, leading experts contribute selections intended to educate researchers on how best to undertake clinical research. Divided into two categories, the volume first covers issues of design, measurement and analysis associated with various research designs, then continues with methods to better inform medical decision-making, including aggregation of multiple studies using meta-analysis, health economics, clinical practice guidelines and health technology assessment. As a part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series, this comprehensive text collects the kind of detailed, up-to-date information and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results. Essential and advantageous, Clinical Epidemiology: Practice and Methods is an ideal reference for medical practitioners, basic scientists and allied health professionals who desire to improve clinical outcomes.
Chapter 1. On framing the research question and choosing the appropriate research design. Patrick Parfrey and Pietro Ravani Chapter 2. Longitudinal studies and determination of risk. Sean W. Murphy Chapter 3. Modeling longitudinal data I: principles of multivariate analysis. Pietro Ravani, Brendan Barrett and Patrick Parfrey Chapter 4. Modeling longitudinal data II: standard regression models and extensions. Pietro Ravani, Brendan Barrett and Patrick Parfrey Chapter 5. The design of randomized controlled trials. Bryan M. Curtis, Brendan Barrett and Patrick Parfrey Chapter 6. Analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials. Robert N. Foley Chapter 7. Evaluation of diagnostic tests. John M. Fardy Chapter 8. Biomarkers and surrogates in clinical studies. Claudio Rigatto and Brendan Barrett Chapter 9. Measurement and analysis of patient-reported outcomes Klemens B. Meyer and Kimberly A. Clayton Chapter 10. Bias in clinical studies of genetic diseases Susan Stuckless and Patrick Parfrey Chapter 11. Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Phenotypes Lynette Peddle and Proton Rahman Chapter 12. Qualitative research in clinical epidemiology Deborah M. Gregory and Christine Way Chapter 13. Primer on Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Marcello Tonelli, Dan Hackman and Amit X. Garg Chapter 14. The role of health economics within clinical research Braden J. Manns Chapter 15. Development and limitations of clinical practice guidelines Bruce Culleton Chapter 16. Basics of Health Technology Assessment Daria O'Reilly, Kaitryn Campbell and Ron Goeree Chapter 17. Research Ethics forclinical researchers John D. Harnett and Richard Neuman Chapter 18. Budgeting, funding and managing clinical research projects Elizabeth Hatfield, Elizabeth Dicks and Patrick Parfrey
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9781588299642
Serie Methods in Molecular Biology
Verschijningsdatum 27 okt. 2008
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Auteur(s) Patrick Parfrey
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