Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy

  • Berthold Block
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A proven, didactic guide to normal ultrasound anatomy -- ideal for the beginning sonographer Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy, Second Edition presents a systematic, step-by-step introduction to normal sectional anatomy of the abdominal and pelvic organs and thyroid gland, essential for recognizing the anatomic landmarks and variations seen on ultrasound. Its convenient, double-page format, with more than 250 image quartets showing ultrasound images on the left and explanatory drawings on the right, is ideal for rapid comprehension. In addition, each image is accompanied by a line drawing indicating the position of the transducer on the body and a 3-D diagram demonstrating the location of the scanning plane in each organ. Special features: More than 60 new ultrasound images in the second edition that were obtained with state-of-the-art equipment for the highest quality resolution A helpful foundation on standard sectional planes for abdominal scanning, with full-color photographs demonstrating probe placement on the body and diagrams of organs shown Front and back cover flaps displaying normal sonographic dimensions of organs for easy reference Covering all relevant anatomic markers, measurable parameters, and normal values, and including both transverse and longitudinal scans, this pocket-sized reference is an essential learning tool for medical students, radiology residents, ultrasound technicians, and medical sonographers.
"What initially makes the book especially attractive is its practical presentation. It is a paperback "flexibook" which constitutes a genuine pocket guide and its design is well adapted: for each organ, ultrasound images are showed on the left-hand page with the corresponding colored explanatory drawings on the right-hand page. These illustrations are accompanied by small drawings demonstrating the location of the transducer on the body and a 3D diagram showing the location of the scanning plane in the organ. The ultrasound images are numerous, all of high quality, and the drawings very clear and pedagogical. In addition, the normal sonographic dimensions of the organs presented in this book are summed up on the fold-out flap inside the front and the back cover, which is very easy-to-use. To conclude, this pleasant, brilliant, richly colored, and well-presented pocket guide is of the greatest interest for learning (and revising) the ultrasound anatomy of the abdomen and the thyroid gla
Uitgavejaar 2011
ISBN 9783131390523
Verschijningsdatum 23 nov. 2011
Omvang 328
Editie 2nd edition
Auteur(s) Berthold Block
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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