Communicating with Dying People and Their Relatives

  • Jean Lugton
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The viva (oral examination) is part of postgraduate examinations in surgery. This book provides a revision guide for the viva examination and its replacement, the new membership (MRCS) examination. It covers the most common general surgical operations, together with other topics popular with examiners. This revised edition takes into account both new advances in surgical techniques and recent changes in the syllabus.
Terminal illness. The needs of staff caring for terminally ill people. Breaking bad news. Assessing continuing needs for information and support. Planning support for family and close friends. Preparing relatives for bereavement. Making communication more effective. Potential communication problems. A three-stage model of support.
'I was delighted to have a preview of this book. As I read through it, I was increasingly impressed by the way in which research and theory have been woven together in a way that makes sense for practice. The style of the book is very readable and it will be welcomed by students, teachers and practitioners' Dorothy Whyte, in the Foreword
Uitgavejaar 1996
ISBN 9781857755848
Verschijningsdatum 21 okt. 1996
Omvang 128
Auteur(s) Jean Lugton
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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