Concise Guide to Nuclear Medicine

  • Abdelhamid H. Elgazzar Saud Alenezi
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This book, now in an extensively revised second edition, summarizes the basic principles of nuclear medicine and describes the clinical applications of commonly used nuclear medicine procedures and techniques. Readers will find clear explanation of clinical indications, the pathophysiological basis of functional procedures, and the complementary role of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in relation to diagnostic radiology. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the added diagnostic value offered by the new hybrid imaging modalities. The various therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine are also discussed. Compared with the first edition, technical details have been significantly simplified. The book will be an ideal introduction to nuclear medicine for medical students and will serve as an excellent quick reference for referring physicians, enabling them to utilize this modern medical specialty more efficiently.
Chapter 1 Basic Principles of Nuclear Medicine Chapter 2 Nuclear Medicine in the Genitourinary System Chapter 3 Nuclear Medicine in the Digestive System Chapter 4 Nuclear Medicine in the Endocrine System Chapter 5 Nuclear Medicine in Soft Tissue Infection and Inflammation Chapter 6 Nuclear Medicine in the Respiratory System Chapter 7 Nuclear Medicine in the Musculoskeletal System Chapter 8 Nuclear Medicine in the Cardiovascular System Chapter 9 Nuclear Medicine in the Nervous System Chapter 10 Nuclear Medicine in Oncology Chapter 11 Therapeutic Applications of Nuclear Medicine Glossary
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9783030260668
Verschijningsdatum 28 sep. 2020
Omvang 159
Editie 2nd ed. 2020
Auteur(s) Abdelhamid H. Elgazzar Saud Alenezi
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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