Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology, Sixth Edition

  • Jo Ann Eurell, Brian L. Frappier
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The leading veterinary histology text returns with a fully updated sixth edition. Written in a concise, easy-to-understand that's a pleasure to read, this new edition continues the student-friendly tradition originated by Dr. Dellman, presenting the basics of histology including cytology and microscopic anatomy. The Sixth Edition focuses on the most current knowledge of cell, tissue and organ structure and function. All information has been fully revised and updated by the authors, both experts in their fields. Written with first year veterinary students in mind, it is also an important resource for veterinarians, graduate students, and others who require information on animal tissue structure and function. Highlights of the Sixth Edition include:* An interactive CD-ROM histology atlas, including more than 800 high-quality color images, each accompanied by identifying labels and descriptive legends.* New images and line drawings have been added to enhance the student's understanding of concepts.* Two-page insert contains full-color histology images.* Comprehensive listings of suggested readings at the end of each chapter encourage further study.* The text is organized by body region, allowing the presentation to emphasize comparative species information so students can better appreciate how species differ in regard to key structures. Whether you're a veterinary student or practicing professional, you should have this classic histology reference as part of your working library. Includes FREE CD-ROM histology atlas with 800+ images!


1. Cytology. 2. Epithelium. 3. Connective and Supportive Tissues. 4. Blood and Bone Marrow. 5. Muscle. 6. Nervous Tissue. 7. Cardiovascular System. 8. Immune System. 9. Respiratory System. 10. Digestive System. 11. Urinary System. 12. Male Reproductive System. 13. Female Reproductive System. 14. Placentation. 15. Endocrine System. 16. Integument. 17. Eye. 18. Ear. Index.

Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9780781741484
Verschijningsdatum 12 jun. 2006
Omvang 416
Redactie Jo Ann Eurell, Brian L. Frappier
Taal Engels
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