Dental Caries

The Disease and Its Clinical Management

  • Edited by Ole Fejerskov
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"Dental Caries" is a major new work on a subject of vital concern to all dentists. It builds on the work of two former books, "Textbook of Clinical Cariology" and "Fluoride in Dentistry", to present a definitive resource on caries prevention and treatment. The management of dental caries is central to daily work in dental offices because caries is ubiquitous in all populations, lesion development continues lifelong and caries is the most common cause of tooth loss around the world. The book's logical structure consists of four parts, covering: The Disease; Diagnosis; Prevention, Non-Operative and Operative Treatment and Prognosis. It provides a clear understanding of the disease process, be it at an individual or population level. The editors are joined by 28 expert authors who have contributed a wealth of chapters, ranging from the role of fluorides to restoring the tooth. Careful balance between prophylaxis and surgical intervention guides the reader through the maze of treatment decisions, while the breadth of the book reflects diverse, and sometimes controversial, opinion on dental caries. Key features are: contains over 400 illustrations, including many radiographs and colour photographs; encompasses preventive measures and some illustrative operative dental therapies; features step-by-step case studies; digests key research findings; and editors and contributors provide an international perspective. "Dental Caries" is aimed at dental students and practitioners, and will be of value to dental hygienists and those involved with public health. Faculty and practice libraries will also wish to feature this authoritative book on their shelves. The editors: Ole Fejerskov is Director of the Danish National Research Foundation and is Adjunct Professor at the Royal Dental College, Aarhus University, Denmark. His previous books include "Textbook of Clinical Cariology" and "Fluoride in Dentistry". Edwina Kidd is Professor of Cariology at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Dental Institute, King's College, University of London, United Kingdom. Her previous books include "Essentials of Dental Caries" and "Pickard's Manual of Operative Dentistry". Other titles of interest are: "Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, Fourth Edition", edited by Jan Lindhe, Thorkild Karring and Niklaus P. Lang, 1 4051 0236 5; "Textbook of Endodontology", edited by Gunnar Bergenholtz, Preben Horsted-Bindslev and Claes Reit, 8 7161 2185 6; "Pediatric Dentistry - A Clinical Approach", edited by Goran Koch and Sven Poulsen, 8 7161 2271 2.
Preface: An Editors guide to reading the book. List of Contributors. Part I: The Disease. Chapter 1. Clinical Cariology and Operative Dentistry in the Twenty-First Century (O. Fejerskov and E.A.M. Kidd) Chapter 2. Secretion and Composition of Saliva (B. Nauntofte, J.O. Tenovuo and F. Lagerlof) Chapter 3. The Oral Microflora and Biofilms on Teeth (P.D. Marsh and B. Nyvad) Chapter 4. Chemical Interactions Between the Tooth and Oral Fluids Chapter 5. Clinical and Histological Manifestations of Dental Caries (O. Fejerskov, B. Nyvad and E.A.M. Kidd) Part II: Diagnosis. Chapter 6. Caries Diagnosis - A Mental Resting Place on the Way to Intervention (V. Baelum and O. Fejerskov) Chapter 7. Clinical and Radiographic Diagnosis (E.A.M. Kidd, I. Mejare and B. Nyvad) Chapter 8. Advanced Methods of Caries Diagnosis and Quantification (E.H. Verdonschot and B. Angmar-Mansson) Chapter 9. Caries Epidemiology, with Special Emphasis on Diagnostic Standards (N.B. Pitts, O. Fejerskov and F.R. von der Fehr) Part III: Prevention, Non-Operative and Operative Treatments. Chapter 10. Prevention of Dental Caries and the Control of Disease Progression: Concepts of Preventive Non-Operative Treatment (E.A.M. Kidd and O. Fejerskov) Chapter 11. The Role of Oral Hygiene (B. Nyvad) Chapter 12. The Role of Antimicrobials (A.Aa. Scheie) Chapter 13. Clinical Use of Fluoride (R. Ellwood and O. Fejerskov) Chapter 14. The Role of Dietary Control (P. Moynihan , P. Lingstrom, A.J. Rugg-Gunn and D. Birkhed) Chapter 15. The Role of Operative Treatment (E.A.M. Kidd and J.P. van Amerongen) Chapter 16. The Maze of Treatment Decisions (K. Anusavice) Chapter 17. Caries Removal and the Pulpo-Dentinal Complex (E.A.M. Kidd, O. Fejerskov and I.A. Mjor) Chapter 18. Restoring the Tooth: The Seal is the Deal (J.P. van Amerongen, C.L. Davidson, N.J.M. Opdam, F.J.M.Roeters and E.A.M. Kidd) Part IV: Prognosis, Caries Control and Prediction. Chapter 19. Prognosis for Caries and Restorations (I. Majare and I.A. Mjor) Chapter 20. Caries Control for the Individual Patient (E.A.M. Kidd and B. Nyvad) Chapter 21. Caries Control for Populations (A. Sheiham and O. Fejerskov) Chapter 22. Caries Prediction (H. Hausen) Index.
Uitgavejaar 2003
ISBN 9781405107181
Verschijningsdatum 2 apr. 2003
Omvang 368
Auteur(s) Edited by Ole Fejerskov
Taal Engels
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