Developmental Neuropsychiatry: Volume 2: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Developmental Disorders

  • James C. Harris
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This comprehensive textbook is made up of two volumes, the first of which provides fundamental background information needed for understanding the neurodevelopmental disorders, while the second provides a comprehensive review of their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Divided into nine parts, these books provide a synthesis of recent developments on basic neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, child development, and developmental psychopathology. The purpose of the book is to assist the professional working with developmental disorders to facilitate the mental growth and social adaptation of affected children and adolescents.
Introduction: Historical Landmarks in Developmental Neuropsychiatry I. Methods of Assessment and Investigation 1: Assessment, Interview, and Behavior Rating Scales 2: Genetic History 3: Neuropsychological Testing: Assessing the Mechanism of Cognition and Complex Behavioral Functioning 4: Evaluation of Brain Structure and Function II. Developmental Disorders 5: Mental Retardation 6: Cerebral Palsy 7: Learning Disorders 8: Traumatic Brain Injury 9: Pervasive Developmental Disorders III. Behavioral Phenotypes 10: Cytogenetic and Other Genetic Disorders Associated with Behavioral Phenotypes 11: Genetic Metabolic Disorders Associated with Behavioral Phenotypes 12: Behavioral Toxicity/Gestational Substance Abuse IV. Developmental Psychopathology 13: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 14: Schizophrenia: A Neurodevelopmental Disorder 15: Tourette's Disorder 16: Sleep Disorders 17: Destructive Behavior: Aggression and Self-Injury V. Treatment in Developmental Neuropsychiatry 18: Psychotherapy in Developmental Disorders 19: Behavior Therapy 20: Psychopharmacological Interventions 21: Counseling and Treatment of Genetic Diseases VI. Legal Aspects 22: Public Law and the Rights of the Disabled
The internal organization of both books is clear and nicely structured. The glossaries included at the end of some of the more technical chapters are particularly useful and welcome. * Jane Whittaker, Psychological Medicine: Vol. 27, 1997 *
Uitgavejaar 1995
ISBN 9780195098495
Serie Developmental Neuropsychiatry
Verschijningsdatum 19 okt. 1995
Omvang 622
Auteur(s) James C. Harris
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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