Doing a Systematic Review: A Student's Guide

  • Angela Boland , Gemma Cherry , Rumona Dickson
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Description: Written in a friendly, accessible style by an expert team of authors with years of experience in both conducting and supervising systematic reviews, this is the perfect guide to using systematic review methodology in a research project. It provides clear answers to all review-related questions, including: How do I formulate an appropriate review question? What's the best way to manage my review? How do I develop my search strategy? How do I get started with data extraction? How do I assess the quality of a study? How can I analyse and synthesize my data? How should I write up the discussion and conclusion sections of my dissertation or thesis?

Contents: 1. Carrying Out a Systematic Review as a Master's Thesis - Rumona Dickson, M. Gemma Cherry and Angela Boland 2. Planning and Managing My Review - Gerlinde Pilkington and Juliet Hounsome 3. Defining My Review Question and Identifying Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria - M. Gemma Cherry and Rumona Dickson 4. Developing My Search Strategy - Yenal Dundar and Nigel Fleeman 5. Applying Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria - Yenal Dundar and Nigel Freeman 6. Data Extraction: Where Do I Begin? - Nigel Fleeman and Yenal Dundar 7. Quality Assessment: Where Do I Begin? - Janette Greenhalgh and Tamara Brown 8. Understanding and Synthesizing Numerical Data from Intervention Studies - Michaela Brown and Marty Richardson 9. Writing My Discussion and Conclusions - M. Gemma Cherry 10. Disseminating My Review - M. Gemma Cherry and Gerlinde Pilkington 11. Reviewing Qualitative Evidence - M. Gemma Cherry, Helen Smith, Elizabeth Perkins and Angela Boland 12. Reviewing Economic Evaluations - Angela Boland, Sophie Beale and M. Gemma Cherry Epilogue - Angela Boland, M. Gemma Cherry and Rumona Dickson Glossary - Angela Boland, M. Gemma Cherry and Rumona Dickson

Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9781473967014
Verschijningsdatum 15 sep. 2019
Omvang 304
Editie 2nd revised edition
Auteur(s) Angela Boland , Gemma Cherry , Rumona Dickson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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