EHRA Book of Interventional Electrophysiology

Case-Based Learning with Multiple Choice Questions

  • Mattias Duytschaever, Hein Heidbuchel, Haran Burri
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The EHRA Book of Interventional Electrophysiology is the second official textbook of European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA). Using clinical cases to encourage practical learning, this book assists electrophysiologists and device specialists in tackling both common and unusual situations that they may encounter during daily practice. Richly illustrated, and covering electrophysiological procedures for supra-ventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, the book enables specialists to deepen their understanding of complex concepts and techniques. Tracings, covering supra-ventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, are presented with multiple-choice questions to allow readers to hone their skills for interpreting challenging cases and to prepare for the EHRA certification exam in electrophysiology. Cases include Orthodromic AVRT, PV Isolation, VT ablation, and Atypical left atrial flutter to name a few. The EHRA Book of Interventional Electrophysiology is a wide-ranging, practical case-book, written by leading experts in the field and edited by members of the EHRA education committee: an essential companion for electrophysiologists and trainees alike.
Case 1: Accessory pathway Case 2: IAP in AVNRT patient Case 3: Orthodromic AVRT Case 4: AVB III infra-Hisian Case 5: Para-Hisian pacing: AP Case 6: Para-Hisian pacing AVN Case 7: Para-Hisian pacing fusion Case 8: Atrial tachycardia Case 9: Unipolar EGM Case 10: Orthodromic AVRT/2 Case 11: Orthodromic AVRT/3 Case 12: Orthodromic AVRT/4 Case 13: Mahaim/1 Case 14: Adenosine-sensitive AP Case 15: Delta-HA in SF AVNRT Case 16: Delta-HA in SS AVNRT Case 17: AT/1 Case 18: Bipolar vs unipolar EGM Case 19: CTI ablation Case 20: PV isolation/1 Case 21: Mahaim/2 Case 22: Atypical left atrial flutter/1 Case 23: PV isolation/2 Case 24: Activation recovery interval Case 25: Double fire tachycardia Case 26: Typical AVNRT/1 Case 27: 2-for-1 Case 28: Atypical AVNRT Case 29: JR with retrograde block Case 30: JR after AVNRT Case 31: PJRT Case 32: Atypical left atrial flutter/2 Case 33: PV isolation, PVAC Case 34: PV isolation/3 Case 35: Orthodromic AVRT: atrio-fascicular? Case 36: Orthodromic AVRT/5 Case 37: Atypical left atrial flutter/3 Case 38: Recruitment of bundle branch conduction by VPB Case 39: Best ablation electrogram left sided AP ablated via transseptal approach Case 40: AVNRT common, 2:1 AV response Case 41: AT/2 Case 42: PV isolation, lasso Case 43: Far-field SVC potential in RSPV Case 44: Azygos continuation of interupted SVC Case 45: Typical AVNRT/2 Case 46: SVT inducing VT Case 47: VT ablation/1 Case 48: VT ablation/2 Case 49: VT ablation/3 Case 50: Fractionated EGM Case 51: VT from proximal His-Purkinje system Case 52: Fascicular VT Case 53: Mahaim/3 Case 54: VT ablation/4 Case 55: VT ablation/5 Case 56: Fasciculo-ventricular AP Case 57: Aortic cusp VPB Case 58: Idiopathic VF ablation Case 59: VT ablation/6 Case 60: VT ablation/7 Case 61: PV isolation/4 Case 62: Infra-Hisian 2:1 block in SF AVNRT Case 63: Ablation site slow pathway Case 64: RA free wall flutter, earliest at SD Case 65: CW typical flutter Case 66: VPB ablation Case 67: A-before-A in AVNRT Case 68: PV isolation/5 Case 69: PV isolation/6 Case 70: Distinguishing retrograde nodal from AP conduction during VPB Case 71: AVNRT: SF or SS? Case 72: PV isolation/7 Case 73: VT ablation/8 Case 74: PV isolation/8 Case 75: BBRVT Case 76: Slow-fast AVNRT
The basics of clinical cardiac electrophysiology set out with beautiful traces and clear concise explanations - an excellent and efficient learning resource. * Prof. Dr. John Camm, Professor of Clinical Cardiology, St. Georges University of London * The EHRA Book of Interventional Electrophysiology is a very enjoyable way to update yourself on all major types of recordings used in the EP laboratory. The cases are brief and to the point with very clear electrograms. They cover important electrogram observations, both common and uncommon. I recommend the text, and suspect that you will not want to put it down. * Warren M. (Sonny) Jackman, Heart Rhythm Institute, University of Oklahoma * This book closes a significant gap in the portfolio of EHRA educational products as it presents excellent clinical cases from interventional electrophysiology in a very practical fashion. All major fields of interventional electrophysiology are covered with interesting ECGs and EP tracings and beautifully illustrated clinical cases. In addition, the feature of self-assessment with multiple choice questions and the excellent comments and explanations complete the value of this educational tool... This book is a must read for everyone interested in clinical electrophysiology and will certainly contribute to improve the knowledge about heart rhythm disturbances and thereby the quality of care for the benefit of our patients with cardiac arrhythmias. * Gerhard Hindricks, EHRA President * The book takes a highly didactic approach to complex and varied cases ranging from very common issues to rare ones, thus helping professionals improve their diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiac rhythm disorders. The book is also excellent additional material for anyone preparing accreditation examinations related to this material under the auspices of scientific societies as the examinations are in a similar format. * Revista Espanola de Cardiologia *
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9780198766377
Serie The European Society of Cardiology Series
Verschijningsdatum 30 mrt. 2017
Omvang 320
Redactie Mattias Duytschaever, Hein Heidbuchel, Haran Burri
Auteur(s) Hein Heidbuchel Mattias Duytschaever Haran Burri
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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