Eldercare Technology for Clinical Practitioners

For Clinical Practitioners

  • Majd Alwan Robin Felder
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This important handbook addresses technologies targeted at the assessment, early detection and the mitigation of common geriatric conditions. These include decline in functional abilities, gait, mobility, sleep disturbance, vision impairment, hearing loss, falls, and cognitive decline. This book not only describes the state of both embedded and wearable technologies, but also focuses on research showing the potential utility of these technologies in the field.
Chapter 1: Introduction Richard Lindsay, M.D. Chapter 2: Functional Assessment Technologies Marilyn Rantz, R.N., Ph.D., Marjorie Skubic, Ph.D., Kathryn Burks, R.N., Ph.D., Jie Yu, B.S.N., R.N., George Demiris, Ph.D., Brian K. Hensel, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., Gregory L. Alexander, Ph.D., R.N., Zhihai He, Ph.D., Harry W. Tyrer, Ph.D., Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., Jia Lee, Ph.D., R.N., Marybeth Brown, Ph.D. Chapter 3: Mobility and Gait Assessment Technologies Patrick Riley, Ph.D., Kate W. Paylo, D.O., D. Casey Kerrigan, M.D., M.S. Chapter 4: Mobility Aids for the Elderly Glenn Wasson, Ph.D., Pradip Sheth, Ph.D., Cunjun Huang, Ph.D., Majd Alwan, Ph.D. Chapter 5: Sleep Assessment Technologies Steven Koenig, M.D., David Mack, Majd Alwan, Ph.D. Chapter 6: Vision Impairment Assessment and Correction Technologies Stanley Woo, Ph.D. Chapter 7: Managing hearing loss in older adults: assessment, intervention and technologies for independence and well being Matthew H. Bakke, Ph.D., Claire M. Bernstein, Ph.D., Scott J. Bally, Ph.D., Janet L. Pray, Ph.D. Chapter 8: Falls, Fall Prevention and Fall Detection Technology Prabhu Rajendran, M.S., Amy Corcoran, M.D., Bruce Kinosian, M.D., Majd Alwan, Ph.D. Chapter 9: Computerized Methods for Cognitive Testing Vered Aharonson, Ph.D., Amos Korczyn, M.D.
From the reviews: "This multiauthored book describes how technology works for older persons and how clinicians can use technology to help older persons. ... This is a broad charge and the book highlights these areas nicely. The ... audience to be 'eldercare practitioners,' students of medicine, nursing, social studies, technology, engineers and designers. ... This is a useful book that covers a wide area. ... provides a vista of the future in which advanced technology will help older persons and their caregivers." (David O. Staats, Doody's Review Service, June, 2008) "Audience(s): Physicians, Geriatricians, Health Services Providers, Nurses, Researchers ... . The book is organized into nine chapters ... ." (Combined Health Information Database, June, 2008)
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9781588298980
Serie Aging Medicine
Verschijningsdatum 14 dec. 2007
Omvang 221
Editie 2008 ed.
Auteur(s) Majd Alwan Robin Felder
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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