Electrotherapy of the Heart

Technical Aspects in Cardiac Pacing

  • Max Schaldach
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Since 1958, when the first cardiac pacing system was implanted, the collaboration between medicine and engineering has developed into an extremely successful therapy. The book highlights many of the recent and most important technological advances and shows the multidisciplinary nature of the technical task of pacemaker development which is based on the diverse components of physiology, electronics, physics, electrochemistry and the material sciences.
Basic anatomy and physiology of the heart; physiology of the heartbeat; monitoring the electrical activity of the heart; pathophysiology; therapy for cardiac rhythm disturbances; pacemaker technology; control aspects of cardiac output adjustment; status of the application of corporeal control parameters; cardiac control parameters; the stimulating electrode; materials in pacemaker technology; pacemaker power sources; re-establishment of physiological regulation; a challenge to technology.
Uitgavejaar 1992
ISBN 9783540553335
Verschijningsdatum 1 mrt. 1992
Omvang xiv,253
Auteur(s) Max Schaldach
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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