Essentials of Neurophysiology

  • Michel J.A.M. van Putten
€ 108,99
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In this book, we approach neurophysiology at the interface of neurology and clinical neurophysiology. The medical disciplines of the nervous system, n- rology and clinical neurophysiology, rest heavily on other sciences, notably cellular biology, neuro-anatomy, neuro-physiology, applied physics and ma- ematical biology. Existing medical textbooks on neurophysiology, neurology and clinical neurophysiology are an excellent source of the phenomenology of various principles and diseases. Here, we choose to elucidate some of the under- ing physiological, physical processes and experimental methods, intended for a broad audience - medical residents and students, as well as students in the emerging area of medical technical sciences. We feel that a good understanding of fundamentals may signi?cantly - hance insight into various aspects of clinical neurology and clinical neu- physiology. This book, therefore, is focused on a selection of clinical signs and symptoms to highlight basic principles of neurology, (neuro-)physiology and neuroanatomy. While we believe this text to be of interest to medical students or residents in neurology or clinical neurophysiology, we speci?cally aim at students - terested in contributing to new developments and innovations in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. These students are involved with patients, even though they are not trained for routine patient care.
Basic Neurophysiology.- Excitable Cells and Action Potentials.- Propagation of the Action Potential.- Neural Circuits and Systems.- Clinical Neurophysiology.- Basic Measurement Principles.- Stimulation of Nervous Tissue.- Electromyography.- Electroencephalography.- Digital Signal Analysis.- Neurotechnology.- Neurotechnology.- Clinical Decision Making.- Rational Decision Making.
Uitgavejaar 2010
ISBN 9783642089343
Serie Series in Biomedical Engineering
Verschijningsdatum 28 okt. 2010
Omvang 231
Editie Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2009
Auteur(s) Michel J.A.M. van Putten
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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