Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry (DVDs)


  • Douglas A. Terry
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This supplementary DVD illustrates the procedures, techniques, and scientific concepts presented in the book. Each video begins with an introduction by Dr Terry that touches on the science and application of the technique involved, followed by live demonstrations of that technique from clinical cases similar to those presented in the respective chapter.

Volume 1: Ceramic Materials (Chapter 4) - 17 min
• An Interdisciplinary Process for Achieving Restorative and Esthetic Excellence Using the Preparationless Veneer


Volume 2: The Impression Process (Chapter 5) - 21 min 
• Soft Tissue Management
• Double-Cord Gingival Displacement Technique Using an Elastomeric Impression Material
• The Digital Highway


Volume 3: Provisionalization (Chapter 7) - 33 min 
• Developing a Composite Veneer Prototype Utilizing an Indirect/ Direct Flowable Resin Technique
• Managing Tooth Size Discrepancy for the Orthodontic Patient Using an Indirect/Direct Flowable Resin Technique


Volume 4: Esthetic Post Systems (Chapter 8) - 17 min 
• Fundamental Concepts for Restoring the Intraradicular Space


Volume 5: Dental Photography (Chapter 11) - 15 min 
• Intraoral and Extraoral Photographic Documentation


Volume 6: Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Chapter 12) - 21 min 
• Clinical Crown Lengthening in the Esthetic Zone Utilizing a Conventional Approach
• Clinical Crown Lengthening in the Esthetic Zone Utilizing an Internal Bevel Gingivectomy


De volumes zijn ook apart verkrijgbaar.


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Uitgavejaar 2013
ISBN 9781850972556
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 2013
Auteur(s) Douglas A. Terry
Bindwijze DVD
Taal Engels

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