Feline Dermatology

  • Chiara Noli Silvia Colombo
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  • Beschikbaar vanaf 25 juni 2020
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This richly-illustrated handbook covers all aspects of modern feline dermatology, from the approach to different signs and symptoms to the description of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and current treatment of each feline dermatological disease. Thus this manual serves as essential practical guide to the busy practitioner to quickly and surely tackle cats with dermatological conditions, and offers a current and complete reference tool for the feline veterinarian and the veterinary dermatologist.
Introductory chapters 1A Structure and function of feline skin (David McEwan Jenkinson) 1B Coat color genetics (Cristina Crosta) 2 Approach to the feline patient: general and dermatological examination (Andy Sparkes and/or Danielle Gunn Moore (feline specialists) and Chiara Noli (dermatologist)) Problem oriented approach to feline skin diseases 3 Pruritus (Silvia Colombo) 4 Alopecia (Silvia Colombo) 5 Nodules (Silvia Colombo) 6 Scaling (Silvia Colombo) 7 Erosions/ulcers (Silvia Colombo) 8 Papules, pustules, crusts (Silvia Colombo) 9 Otitis (Richard Harvey) Skin diseases by etiology 10 Bacterial diseases (Linda Vogelnest) 11 Mycobacterial diseases (Richard Malik) 12 Fungal diseases (Amy Grooters and/or Carol Foil) 13 Dermatophytosis (Karen Moriello) 14 Viral diseases (Claude Favrot) 15 Leishmaniosis (Maria Grazia Pennisi) 16 Ectoparasitic diseases (no fleas) (Patrick Bourdeau) 17 Flea infestation and allergy (Marie Christine Cadiergues) 18 Feline atopic syndrome and eosinophilic dermatitides: pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical appearance (Alessandra Fondati) 19 Feline atopic syndrome: approach and diagnosis (Ralf Muller) 20 Feline atopic syndrome: treatment (Chiara Noli) 21 Mosquito-byte hypersensitivity (Ken Mason) 22 Autoimmune diseases (Petra Bizikova) 23 Other immune mediated diseases (Frane Banovich) 24 Hormonal and metabolic diseases (Federico Fracassi (endocrinologist), Stephen White (dermatologist)) 25 Genetic diseases (Stephen White) 26 Pigmentary Diseases (Alessandra Fondati) 27 Psychogenic and envirnonmental diseases (Feline behaviourist t.b.a.) 28 Neoplastic diseases (David Argyle) 29 Paraneoplastic syndromes (Ralf Mueller) 30 Idipathic miscellaneous diseases (Linda Vogelnest)
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9783030298357
Verschijningsdatum 25 jun. 2020
Omvang 653
Editie 1st ed. 2020
Auteur(s) Chiara Noli Silvia Colombo
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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