Frontiers of Nuclear Medicine/Aktuelle Nuklearmedizin

  • Wolfgang Horst
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That nuclear medicine has advanced so far and so fast is due in no small measure to GEORGE VON HEVESY. His work on radioactive indicator technique laid the foundation on which this young branch of medicine was able to develop in the decade which followed World War II. In the intervening years the second generation has grown up in nuclear medicine. Some of them were still exposed to VON HEVESY'S influence, for instance, his address to the 1957 meeting of the Italian Society of Nuclear Medicine in Turin, or his Marie Curie Memorial Lecture at the Pittsburg meeting of the North American Society of Nuclear Medicine in 1961. Others again will remember that he helped to found the European Society of Nuclear Medicine in 1962-1963 and became its honorary president. It was VON HEVESY who, together with HEILMEYER, insisted that this be a completely open society, having neither national nor geographical attributes, its Europeanness being reflected in the variety of languages spoken at its congresses. Its members exhibited a similar variety, including in addition to those medically qualified -specialists in internal medicine, radiologists and laboratory research workers-physicists, chemists and engineers. A group of young second-generation scientists from eleven countries have dedicated these papers to the memory of the great pioneer of nuclear medicine. This book contains new results reported by doctors, physicists, chemists and computer specialists-results so far-ranging as to push the frontiers of nuclear medicine still further forward.
- Inhaltsverzeichnis.- Computer Diagnosis of Thyroid Scintigrams.- Anwendung kerntechnischer Berechnungsmethoden fur Gammastrahlen bei der Bestrah-lungsplanung (Application of Nuclear Calculation Methods to the Planning of Radiation Treatment with Gamma Rays).- Production and Clinical Development of a New Ideal Radioisotope of Iodine-Iodine-123.- A "Proportion Graph" Method for Measuring Binding Systems.- C11-Aktivierung mit dem Betatron oder Linearbeschleuniger and die mogliche biologisch-medizinische Verwendung als Tracer and Scansubstanz (Activation of C11 by Betatron or Linear Accelerator and its Potential Biological and Medical Uses as Tracer and Scanning Substance).- Axial Skeletal Scintigraphy in Mammary Carcinoma.- Die renale Angioscintigraphie. Ein Beitrag zur Differentialdiagnose raumfordernder, intrarenal gelegener Prozesse (Renal Angioscintigraphy. A Contribution to the Differential Diagnosis of Expansive Intrarenal Processes).- Zellkinetische Untersuchungen zur Klarung der Ursache periodischer Schwankungen des Neutrophilenspiegels im Blut bei einem Fall von zyklischer Neutropenie (Examination of the Cellular Kinetics to Explain the Periodic Fluctuations in the Neutrophil Count in a Case of Cyclic Neutropenia).- Resorption von Eisen and chemisch verwandten Metallen in vitro and in vivo; die Spezifitat eines eisenbindenden Systems in der Mucosa des Jejunums von Ratten (Absorption of Iron and Chemically Related Metals in vitro and in vivo; the Specifity of an Iron-binding System in the Jejunal Mucosa of Rats).- Theoretische Analyse der Kinetik der Verteilung and Ausscheidung von Radium-Isotopen mit Hilf e eines Compartmentmodells (Theoretical Analysis of the Kinetics of Distribution and Excretion of Radium Isotopes by Means of a Compartment Model).- Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the In Vivo Metabolism of Monocarbon Fragment Precursors to C02.- Pulmonary Microembolism.- Radiation Doses to Patients from Radionuclide Investigations. A Survey Carried Out in New Zealand in 1967.- Visualization of Radioactivity in the Dog Following Administration of Various 11C-Carboxylates.- Die Bedeutung des Zeitf aktors fur die Beurteilung von Strahlendosen in der Nuklear medizin (Significance of the Time Factor in the Assessment of Radiation Doses in Nuclear Medicine).- Die Bestimmung des Erythrozyteneisenumsatzes mit Hilfe 51Cr-markierter Erythrozyten (Calculation of Iron Turnover in Erythrocytes by Means of 51Cr Labelling).- Interpretation of Radioisotope Renogram Changes During Acute Toxic Renal Insufficiency Due to Oxalic Acid. An Experimental Study.- Die renale Ganzkorperclearance (Renal Whole-Body Clearance).- Der Einfluss von pH auf die Thyroxin-bindenden Proteine des Serums (Influence of pH on Thyroxine-binding Proteins in Blood Serum).- Tierexperimentelle and klinische Untersuchungen zum Nachweis des sog. "alveolo-vascularen Reflexes" (Euler-Liljestrandscher Reflex) (Animal Experiments and Clinical Investigations to Demonstrate the Alveolo-Vascular (Euler-Liljestrand) Reflex).- Die heutigen Moglichkeiten der positiven Tumorszintigraphie (Present Prospects for Positive Tumor Localization by Scintiscan).- Integrierte Herz-Kreislauf analyse mit Hilfe der quantitativen Funktionsszintigraphie (Integrated Analysis of Cardiac Output by Means of Quantitative Scintigraphy of the Various Functions).- Blood Flow through Arteriovenous Anastomoses.- Unilateral Renal Clearances by External Counting in the Study of Hypertension.- Experiences with Lung Scanning on Patients Suffering from Boeck's Sarcoidosis.- Subject Index - Sachverzeichnis.
Uitgavejaar 1970
ISBN 9783540052234
Verschijningsdatum 1 jan. 1970
Omvang 322
Redactie Wolfgang Horst
Auteur(s) Wolfgang Horst
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Taal Engels
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