Geometric, Physical, and Visual Optics

  • Michael P. Keating
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Completely revised and updated, you will benefit from new and rewritten sections on: axial magnification Jackson Cross Cylinder tests retinoscopy reflex motions field of view the optics of indirect ophthalmoscopy optical aberrations diffractive lenses the Doppler shift lasers and the similarities and differences of Gaussian laser beams versus the propagation of light from a point source plus, a new appendix on angles and basic trigonometry. Although not a matrix optics text, matrices are used extensively in the chapters on spherical systems and off-axis aspects of astigmatism. In particular, the matrix treatment of astigmatism serves as a foundation for the recently developed, much improved statistical techniques that deal with refractive corrections and astigmatism in all its aspects. * Emphasizes conceptual understanding and development of optical intuition * Uses the vergence-dioptric power-wavefront approach * Helpful review for optometry boards and qualifying examinations
Optics, Light, and Vision; The Geometric Behavior Of Light; Optical Objects and Images; Thin Lenses and Ray Diagrams; Thin Lens Equations; Thin Lens Eye Models; Single Spherical Refracting Interfaces; Plane Refracting Interfaces and Reduced Systems; Lenses Revisited; Astigmatism: On Axis; Prisms; Prism Properties Of Lenses; Prism and Dioptric Power In Off-Axis Meridians; Reflection; The Gauss System; System Matrices; Angular Magnification; Spectacle Magnification and Relative Spectacle Magnification; Stops and Related Effects; Aberrations; Waves and Superposition; Diffraction; Scattering, Absorption, Dispersion, and Polarization; Emission, Absorption, Photons, and Lasers; Spatial Distribution Of Optical Information; Appendix A: Trigonometry Review; Appendix B: Basic Matrix Algebra
"keating provides an excellent text for the optometry student and practitioners. Very straightforward and accessible."
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780750672627
Verschijningsdatum 6 jan. 2002
Omvang 632
Editie 2nd edition
Auteur(s) Michael P. Keating
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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