• Sara E. Mortimore Carol A. Wallace
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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a preventative food safety management system, that can be applied throughout the food supply chain from primary production to the consumer. HACCP is internationally recognised as the most effective way to produce safe food, providing a structure for objective assessment of what can go wrong and requiring controls to be put in place to prevent problems. As part of the Blackwell Food Industry Briefing Series, this important book provides a concise, easy-to-use, quick reference aimed at busy food-industry professionals, students or others who need to gain an outline working knowledge. The book is structured so that the reader can read through it in a few hours and arm themselves with the essentials of the topic. Clearly presented, this HACCP briefing includes checklists, bullet points, flow charts, schematic diagrams for quick reference, and at the start of each section the authors have provided useful key points summary boxes. Written by Sara Mortimore and Carol Wallace, recognised international experts on the HACCP system, this book is a vital tool for all those who need to gain an overview of this extremely important and most useful of food safety systems. * A concise, easy to use, quick reference book. * Contains information needed to gain a working knowledge of HACCP. * Written by people who have proven experience in the field, in both large and small business and on an international basis.
1. Introduction To HACCP:. Frequently Asked Questions:. What Is HACCP?. Where Did It Come From?. How Does It Work?. What Are The Seven HACCP Principles?. Is It Difficult To Use?. Why Use It?. What Type Of Company Would Use HACCP?. Are There Any Common Misconceptions?. How Do We Know HACCP Works?. What Actually Gets Implicated In The Workplace?. How Does A HACCP Plan Get Written?. Who Carries Out The HACCP Study?. What Is The Regulatory Position Of HACCP?. Are There Any Other Driving Forces For The Use Of HACCP?. What Does It Cost?. Is There Any Other Driving Forces For The Use Of HACCP?. What Does It Cost?. Is There Anything More That I Should Know?. 2. The HACCP System Explained:. HACCP System Overview. HACCP In The Context Of Other Management Systems. Normal Management Systems. Prerequisite Programmes. Quality Management Systems. What Is Involved In Getting Started - The Preparation And Planning Stage. 3. HACCP In Practice:. Preparation For The HACCP Plan Development. Terms Of Reference. Describe The Product And Intended Use. Construct And Validate A Process Flow Diagram. Applying The Principles ( The HACCP Study). Principle 1: Conduct A Hazard Analysis. Principle 2: Determine The Critical Control Points (Ccps). Principle 3: Establish Critical Limits. Principle 4: Establish A System To Monitor Control Of The Ccp. Principle 5; Establish The Corrective Action To Be Taken When Monitoring Indicates That A Particular CCP Is Not Under Control. Principle 6; Establish Procedures For Verification To Confirm That The HACCP System Is Working Effectively. Principle 7 : Establish Documentation Concerning All Procedures And Records Appropriate To These Principles And Their Application. Implementation Of The HACCP Plan. Maintenance Of The HACCP System. Epilogue. References. HACCP Resources. Case Study: Frozen Cheesecake. Acronyms And Glossary.
"Recommended, especially for a business or agriculture/ food science library" E-Streams, 2002.
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780470999578
Verschijningsdatum 13 dec. 2007
Omvang 144
Auteur(s) Sara E. Mortimore Carol A. Wallace
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