Handbook of Pediatric Cardiovascular Drugs

  • Ricardo Munoz, Eduardo M Da Cruz, Carol G Vetterly
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A Second Edition of this handbook of drugs used in pediatric cardiac care will satisfy the need for a quick up-to-date reference source of common drug therapy. There are no major texts available in the field of pediatric cardiology that exclusively provide therapeutic drug information. Several sources are available that present drug information for cardiology, but these place no emphasis on pediatric care and are written for general cardiac specialists.
Cardiac Physiology Review.- Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Applications in Pediatric Practice.- Pharmacogenomics.- Pharmacoeconomics.- Vasoactive Drugs in Acute Care.- Diuretics.- Beta-Blockers.- ACE Inhibitors and ARBs.- Antiarrythmics.- Immunosuppressive Agents in Pediatric Heart Transplantation.- Anticoagulation for Mechanical Circulatory Support.- Pharmacological Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension.- Antithrombotics and Antifibrinolytics.- Sedative Hypnotics and Anesthetic Agents.- Medication Management in Patients with Multi-organ Dysfunction.- Drug Therapy for Hypercholesterolemia and Dyslipidemia.- Drug Clearance on ECMO and Dialysis/CRRT.- Parenteral Nutrition.- Medication Errors.
Selected as "Highly Commended" in Cardiology at BMA Medical Book Awards for 2015. "It reviews basic paediatric cardiovascular principles and satisfies the need for a pocket reference handbook tailored to meet the daily challenges of practitioners caring for paediatric cardiac patients. ... this is a unique handbook of paediatric cardiovascular drugs which is very useful to its intended readership. It has certainly filled a gap in the market as there are no other handbook giving such a useful detailed information about each drug in a format useful for clinicians." (BMA Medical Book Awards, September, 2015)
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781447124634
Verschijningsdatum 14 jul. 2014
Omvang 636
Redactie Ricardo Munoz, Eduardo M Da Cruz, Carol G Vetterly
Editie 2nd ed. 2014
Auteur(s) Ricardo Munoz Eduardo M. da Cruz Carol G. Vetterly
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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