Handbook of Small Animal Imaging

Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications

  • George C. Kagadis, Nancy L. Ford, Dimitrios N. Karnabatidis
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The use of small animal models in basic and preclinical sciences constitutes an integral part of testing new pharmaceutical agents prior to their application in clinical practice. New imaging and therapeutic approaches need to be tested and validated first in animals before application to humans. Handbook of Small Animal Imaging: Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications collects the latest information about various imaging and therapeutic technologies used in preclinical research into a single source. Useful to established researchers as well as newcomers to the field, this handbook shows readers how to exploit and integrate these imaging and treatment modalities and techniques into their own research. The book first presents introductory material on small animal imaging, therapy, and research ethics. It next covers ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation methods in small animal imaging, hybrid imaging, and imaging agents. The book then addresses therapeutic research platforms and image quantification, explaining how to ensure accurate measurements of high-quality data. It concludes with an overview of many small animal imaging and therapy applications that demonstrate the strength of the techniques in biomedical fields.
INTRODUCTION TO SMALL ANIMAL IMAGING, THERAPY, AND APPLICATIONS Defining Small Animal Imaging, Therapy, and Applications Nancy L. Ford, George K. Loudos, Dimitrios N. Karnabatidis, and George C. Kagadis Ethics and Regulations for Research with Animals William R. Hendee Small Animal Handling, Care, and Anesthesia Tamara Godbey Preclinical Models Irene Cuadrado, Jesus Egido, Jose Luis Zamorano, and Carlos Zaragoza SMALL ANIMAL IMAGING: IONIZING RADIATION Microcomputed Tomography Nancy L. Ford Digital Subtracted Angiography of Small Animals Stavros Spiliopoulos, George C. Kagadis, Dimitrios N. Karnabatidis, G. Allan Johnson, and Cristian Badea Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography Matthew A. Lewis Positron Emission Tomography Vesna Sossi and Matthew Walker SMALL ANIMAL IMAGING: NONIONIZING RADIATION MR Imaging Dmitri Artemov Optical Imaging Matthew A. Lewis HYBRID IMAGING Optical-CT Imaging Xueli Chen, Dongmei Chen, FengLin Liu, Wenxiang Cong, Ge Wang, and Jimin Liang PET/CT Mohammad Reza Ay and Nafiseh Ghazanfari Introduction to Combining MRI with PET Volkmar Schulz, Jakob Wehner, and Yannick Berker Exotic Imaging Approaches Maria Koutsoupidou and Irene S. Karanasiou IMAGING AGENTS X-Ray, MRI, and Ultrasound Agents: Basic Principles Michael F. Tweedle, Krishan Kumar, and Michael V. Knopp Radiochemistry for Preclinical Imaging Studies Sven Macholl and Matthias Glaser Molecular Targets and Optical Probes Eleni K. Efthimiadou and George Kordas THERAPEUTIC RESEARCH PLATFORMS Developing Technologies for Small Animal Radiotherapy Frank Verhaegen, James Stewart, and David Jaffray Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation in Small Animal Imaging Michael G. Stabin Treatment Planning for Small Animals Frank Verhaegen Radiolabeled Agents for Molecular Imaging and/or Therapy Dimitrios Psimadas and Eirini A. Fragogeorgi IMAGE QUANTIFICATION Quantification in Nuclear Preclinical Imaging Istvan Szanda Performance Assessment of Small Animal Imaging Systems and Common Standards Nancy L. Ford Monte Carlo Simulations in Imaging and Therapy Panagiotis Papadimitroulas, George C. Kagadis, and George K. Loudos APPLICATIONS: INCLUDES BOTH IMAGING AND THERAPY Small Animal Imaging and Therapy: How They Affect Patient Care Lawrence W. Dobrucki Applications for Drug Development Jessica Kalra, Donald T. Yapp, Murray Webb, and Marcel B. Bally Imaging of Intracellular Targets Veerle Kersemans Imaging of Cell Trafficking and Cell Tissue Homing Veerle Kersemans Imaging of Cardiovascular Disease Aleksandra Kalinowska and Lawrence W. Dobrucki Imaging Angiogenesis Lawrence W. Dobrucki Imaging of Hypoxia, Apoptosis, and Inflammation Stavros Spiliopoulos and Athanasios Diamantopoulos Vessel Wall Imaging Stavros Spiliopoulos
Uitgavejaar 2016
ISBN 9781466555686
Verschijningsdatum 11 mrt. 2016
Omvang 640
Redactie George C. Kagadis, Nancy L. Ford, Dimitrios N. Karnabatidis
Taal Engels

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