Handbook of Urban Health

  • Edited by Sandro Galea
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'This book takes a broad view of urban health, emphasizing urban social factors important to population health. The editors successfully bridge urban health inquiry and public health practice by combining descriptions of issues in urban health, methods used in urban health studies, and examples from practitioners...Promoting health in cities requires an appreciation of the multiple levels of determinants that shape population health, and this handbook is a good starting point for such appreciation' - Tord Kjellstrom, Visiting Professor of Swedish National Institute of Public Health and Visiting Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University (Environmental Health Perspectives, January 2006).As more people worldwide live in cities, increasingly we need to understand how cities and city living affect population health. Does city living negatively affect health? Conversely, can city living enhance population health and well-being? Over forty experts from around the world bring a depth of ideas to the "Handbook of Urban Health", making the Handbook a focused resource for a range of health disciplines.The Handbook presents: a discussion of the health of specific urban populations, among them immigrants, children, the elderly, racial and sexual minorities, the homeless, and the poor; methods relevant to the study of urban health including epidemiology, research methods, funding and policy issues, urban planning; practical issues for developing healthy cities including interventions, preventive strategies, providing health services, and teaching urban health; international perspectives from developing countries and the World Health Organization; and, integrative chapters that conclude each of the book's sections, bringing together theoretical models with the big picture. A unique professional idea book, research resource, and teaching text, the "Handbook of Urban Health" challenges readers to consider the role that cities plays in shaping population health and to generate solutions that can make cities healthier places for all those who live there.
An introduction to urban health 1. Urban Health: Population, methods, and practice Sandro GaleaDavid VlahovSection I: Populations 2. Homeless peopleStephen W. HwangJames R. Dunn3. Health of economically deprived populations in citiesPatricia O'CampoMichael Yonas4. Racial/ethnic minority and health: the role of the urban environmentLuisa N. BorrellStephani L. Hatch5. Sexual minority groups and urban health Ruth FinkelsteinJulie Netherland6. Health and health access among urban immigrantsSana LoueNancy Mendez7. The urban environment, drug use, and health Danielle OmpadCrystal Fuller8. The health of children in citiesM. Chris GibbonsVijay SinghKisha BraithwaiteBernard Guyer9. Older adults: Guardians of our citiesLinda FriedJeremy Barron10. The health of urban populations in developing countries: an overviewMark R. MontgomeryAlex C. Ezeh11. Perspectives on the health of urban populations in NepalTej Kumar Karki12. Integrative chapter: The health of urban populationsThe EditorsSection II: Methods13. An anthropological perspective on urban healthFrances K. BargJane Kauer14. Epidemiology and urban health researchSandro GaleaDavid Vlahov15. Design and analysis of group (or neighborhood) level urban studies Donald Hoover16. Health services research in the cityMichael K. GusmanoVictor G. Rodwin17. Urban health in developing countries: insights from demographic theory and practiceMark R. MontgomeryAlex C. Ezeh18. Urban sociology and research methods on neighborhoods and healthJoseph A. Soares19. Bridging the gap between urban health and urban planningMarlon G. BoarnetLois M. Takahashi20. Environmental health studies: Environmental health methods for urban healthJonathan M. SametJoseph H. Abraham21. Cost-effectiveness analysis for urban health researchAhmed M. Bayoumi22. Integrative chapter: Multi-disciplinary work and the study of urban healthThe EditorsSection III: Practice23. Building healthy cities: A focus on interventionsJan C. Semenza24. Building healthy cities: The World Health Organization perspectiveRoderick J. Lawrence25. Building healthy cities: Legal frameworks and considerationsWendy C. Perdue26. Teaching urban healthNicholas FreudenbergSusan Klitzman27. Strategies that promote health in cities: A local health department's perspectiveMary T. BassettThomas R. FriedenDeborah R. Deitcher Thomas D. Matte28. Providing health services to marginalized urban populationsAnita PalepuMark W. Tyndall29. Integrative chapter: Teaching and practice for promoting health in citiesThe Editors
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9780387857701
Verschijningsdatum 1 nov. 2008
Omvang 615
Auteur(s) Edited by Sandro Galea
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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