Handbook of Voice Assessments

  • Estella Ma, Edwin Yiu
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"Ma and Yiu's Handbook for Voice Assessments is a handbook par excellence, certainly destined to be a landmark in the field of voice disorders. It is a concise volume that puts valuable information in the hands of readers. The contributions by experts from around the world provide a coverage of voice assessments that is extraordinary in its range and precise in its delivery." --From the Foreword by Ray D. Kent, PhD. Handbook of Voice Assessments embraces current best practice and the latest research on the assessment of voice by leading international clinicians and scholars in the professions. Each chapter focuses on one area of voice assessment and starts with a succinct list of the purposes of the assessment. Next, the procedure is described in an easy-to-understand and systematic format. Finally, guidelines on how to analyze the voice samples and interpret results are included. Special features of the book include: Theoretical background is restricted to a simple paragraph. Detailed instructions for each voice assessment are provided, allowing the clinician to immediately implement the assessment with patients. All chapters are consistent in format and terminology.Each chapter begins with the purpose of the assessment, followed by the description of procedures. The book is written in a lucid and straightforward manner, to be understood readily by student speech-language pathologists and laryngologists with a variety of backgrounds and levels of expertise. Each assessment method is illustrated by a case study that accompanies each chapter. Handbook of Voice Assessments maximizes students' and clinicians' competence, knowledge, and effectiveness. This text is a necessary and invaluable sourcebook for every undergraduate student, graduate student, and clinician in his/her early career.
Foreword by Ray D. Kent, Ph.D. Preface Contributors 1. Introduction Estella P.-M. Ma and Edwin M.-L. Yiu Section One: Aerodynamics 2. Aerodynamic Measurement of Vocal Function: Phonatory Aerodynamic System Joseph Stemple, Barbara Weinrich, and Susan Baker Brehm 3. Monitoring Oral Airflow and Air Pressure during Speech Production: Aerophone II Estella P.-M. Ma 4. Assessment of laryngeal airway resistance and phonation threshold pressure: Glottal Enterprises Nancy Pearl Solomon 5. Kinematic Respiratory Analysis: Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography Petrea Cornwell 6. Maximum Phonation Performance Edwin M.-L. Yiu Section Two: Vocal Fold Movements 7. Stroboscopy in the Clinical Setting: Sweden Perspective Per-Ake Lindestad 8. Videostroboscopy: USA Perspective VyVy N. Young and Clark A. Rosen 9. Stroboscopy in the Voice Clinic: United Kingdom Perspective John S. Rubin and Ruth Epstein 10. Laryngoscopic Examination: China Perspective Demin Han and Wen Xu 11. Videokymographic Examination of Voice Jan G. Aevec and Frantisek Aeram 12. Quantitative Analysis of High-speed Laryngoscopic Images Jiangping Kong and Edwin M.-L. Yiu. 13. Electroglottography: Speech Studio Laryngograph Ruth Epstein Section Three: Laryngeal Muscle Activities 14. Assessing Vocal Hyperfunction Using Surface Electromyography Amy Y.-H. Wong and Estella P.-M. Ma 15. The Applications of Surface Electromyography to Assess Stressor-Evoked Changes in Extralaryngeal Functioning Maria Dietrich and Richard D. Andreatta 16. Laryngeal Electromyography Wen Xu and Demin Han Section Four: Acoustics 17. Multi-dimensional Analysis of Voice: Computerized Speech Lab Adam P. Vogel 18. Acoustic Analysis using Freeware: Praat Cate Madill and Patricia McCabe 19. Voice Range Profile: Phog Estella P.-M. Ma Section Five: Resonance 20. Nasometry in the Evaluation of Resonance Disorders Alice Lee and Tara L. Whitehill Section Six: Auditory-perceptual Evaluation 21. Perceptual Assessment of Voice Quality: Past, Present, and Future Jody Kreiman and Bruce R. Gerratt 22. Evaluating Voice Quality Rahul Shrivastav 23. Auditory-Perceptual Voice Evaluation: A Practical Approach Karen M.-K. Chan Section Seven: Quality of Life Evaluation 24. Patient Reported Outcomes in Voice Disorders Barbara Jacobson and Richard I. Zraick Index
Uitgavejaar 2011
ISBN 9781597563642
Verschijningsdatum 1 jun. 2011
Omvang 400
Auteur(s) Estella Ma, Edwin Yiu
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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