• Edited by James E. Leffhalm
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This book presents topical research in the study of horses, including recent advances in equine herpes virus 4 genetics using BAC technology; selective breeding in horses; the sexual interference behaviour in a managed herd of Sorraia horses; the management of wild horses with porcine zona pellucida; pathogen inactivation during horse manure composting; horse and human personalities; as well as, horse identification and parentage control.
Preface; Recent Advances in Equine Herpesvirus 4 Genetics Using BAC Technology; A Review of the Selective Breeding in Horses; Sexual Interference Behaviour by Sorraia Mares; Management of Wild Horses with Porcine Zona Pellucida: History, Consequences, & Future Strategies; Pathogen Inactivation during Horse Manure Composting; Equine Native Microbiota as a Source of Beneficial Microbes; Horse & Human Personalities: A Deep Interaction at Work; Analysis of 16 Microsatellites Markers & Parentage Testing in Italian Standardbred Horse; Equine Microsatellite Analysis of Challenging Samples; Strategic Research Plan Wild Horse & Burro Management: The Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse & Burro Program U.S. Department of Interior; Index.
Uitgavejaar 2011
ISBN 9781617613036
Verschijningsdatum 16 mei 2011
Auteur(s) Edited by James E. Leffhalm
Taal Engels
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