Horses in Society

A Story of Animal Breeding and Marketing Culture, 1800-1920

  • Margaret E. Derry
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Before crude oil and the combustion engine, the industrialized world relied on a different kind of power - the power of the horse. Horses in Society is the story of horse production in the United States, Britain, and Canada at the height of the species' usefulness, the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century. Margaret E. Derry shows how horse breeding practices used during this period to heighten the value of the animals in the marketplace incorporated a intriguing cross section of influences, including Mendelism, eugenics, and Darwinism. Derry elucidates the increasingly complex horse world by looking at the international trade in army horses, the regulations put in place by different countries to enforce better horse breeding, and general aspects of the dynamics of the horse market. Because it is a story of how certain groups attempted to control the market for horses, by protecting their breeding activities or 'patenting' their work, Horses in Society provides valuable background information to the rapidly developing present-day problem of biological ownership. Derry's fascinating study is also a story of the evolution of animal medicine and humanitarian movements, and of international relations, particularly between Canada and the United States.
Acknowledgments Introduction * Modern Purebred Breeding: A Scientific or Cultural Method? Part One. The Breeding of Horses * The Light Horse * The Heavy Horse * The Farmer's Horse Part Two. An International Horse Market: The Remount Story * Finding Horses for the British Army * American Horses and War: A National and International Issue * Canada's Equine War Effort: A Story of Conflicting Interests Part Three. Governments and Horse Improvement * Understanding Heredity: The 1890 Report of the British Royal Commission on Horse Breeding * Producing Better Horses in the United States: Attempts to Control Fraudulent Activity and Market Share * The Canadian Experience in Horse Regulation: Continental and National Concerns Part Four. Society and Horses * Aspects of a Pervasive Horse Culture in Society Conclusion Notes Note on Sources Index
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781487520366
Verschijningsdatum 27 nov. 2015
Omvang 320
Auteur(s) Margaret E. Derry
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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