Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology

  • Russell K. Hobbie, Bradley J. Roth
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This classic text has been used in over 20 countries by advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in biophysics, physiology, medical physics, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering. It bridges the gap between an introductory physics course and the application of physics to the life and biomedical sciences. Extensively revised and updated, the fifth edition incorporates new developments at the interface between physics and biomedicine. New coverage includes cyclotrons, photodynamic therapy, color vision, x-ray crystallography, the electron microscope, cochlear implants, deep brain stimulation, nanomedicine, and other topics highlighted in the National Research Council report BIO2010. As with the previous edition, the first half of the text is primarily biological physics, emphasizing the use of ideas from physics to understand biology and physiology, and the second half is primarily medical physics, describing the use of physics in medicine for diagnosis (mainly imaging) and therapy. Prior courses in physics and in calculus are assumed. Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology is also ideal for self study and as a reference for workers in medical and biological research. Over 850 problems test and enhance the student's understanding and provide additional biological examples. A solutions manual is available to instructors. Each chapter has an extensive list of references.
Mechanics.- Exponential Growth and Decay.- Systems of Many Particles.- Transport in an Infinite Medium.- Transport Through Neutral Membranes.- Impulses in Nerve and Muscle Cells.- The Exterior Potential and the Electrocardiogram.- Biomagnetism.- Electricity and Magnetism at the Cellular Level.- Feedback and Control.- The Method of Least Squares and Signal Analysis.- Images.- Sound and Ultrasound.- Atoms and Light.- Interaction of Photons and Charged Particles with Matter.- Medical Use of X Rays.- Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Medicine.- Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Appendices.- Plane and Solid Angles.- Vectors: Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration.- Properties of Exponents and Logarithms.- Taylor's Series.- Some Integrals of Sines and Cosines.- Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients.- Mean and Standard Deviation.- Binomial Probability Distribution.- Gaussian Probability Distribution.- Poisson Distribution.- Integrals Involving exp(-ax^2).- Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates.- Joint Probability Distributions.- Partial Derivatives.- Fundamental Constants and Conversion Factors.
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9783319126814
Verschijningsdatum 31 jan. 2015
Omvang 629
Auteur(s) Russell K. Hobbie, Bradley J. Roth
Taal Engels
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