Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology

  • Gerard Marshall Raj Ramasamy Raveendran
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This book illustrates, in a comprehensive manner, the most crucial principles involved in pharmacology and allied sciences. The title begins by discussing the historical aspects of drug discovery, with up to date knowledge on Nobel Laureates in pharmacology and their significant discoveries. It then examines the general pharmacological principles - pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, with in-depth information on drug transporters and interactions. In the remaining chapters, the book covers a definitive collection of topics containing essential information on the basic principles of pharmacology and how they are employed for the treatment of diseases. Readers will learn about special topics in pharmacology that are hard to find elsewhere, including issues related to environmental toxicology and the latest information on drug poisoning and treatment, analytical toxicology, toxicovigilance, and the use of molecular biology techniques in pharmacology. The book offers a valuable resource for researchers in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology, as well as students pursuing a degree in or with an interest in pharmacology.
General pharmacological principles and allied sciences1. Historical aspects of drug discovery 1) Landmarks in the growth and development of pharmacology2) Wonder discoveries in pharmacologyi. Nobel laureates in pharmacology and their revolutionary discoveries ii. Important contributions of renowned Indian pharmacologists 2. General pharmacological principles 1) Source, nature and preparations of drugs 2) Principles and modes of drug administrationi. Dosage forms & drug delivery systems3) Pharmacokinetic principles and parameters i. Absorptionii. Distributioniii. Metabolism (Biotransformation)1. Drug metabolizing enzymesiv. Elimination4) Theories and mechanism of drug action (Pharmacodynamics) i. Physiological and biochemical basis of drug action1. Molecular targets of drug action ii. Drug receptors and pharmacodynamicsiii. Dose response relationships 1. Concentration-response relationshipsiv. Factors modifying drug action (response) 5) Drug transporters 6) Adverse effects of drugs i. Pharmacovigilance & ADR monitoring1. Hemovigilance2. Materiovigilance3. Cosmetovigilance4. Addictovigilance7) Drug interactions i. Synergismii. Antagonismiii. Adverse drug interactions8) Structure-activity relationships i. Steroids ii. Antihistaminesiii. Catecholamines iv. Opioidsv. Antipsychotics 3. Special topics in pharmacology 1) Drug information and sources of drug information i. Use of information technology2) Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized medicine 3) Chronopharmacology 4) Pharmacoepidemiology i. Drug utilization studies ii. Therapeutic audit5) Ethnopharmacology i. Role of medicinal plantsii. Isolation of compounds from herbal sources6) Pharmacoeconomics 7) Orphan drugs & diseases 8) Fixed dose combinations 9) Translational medicine i. Reverse pharmacology10) Gene therapy 11) Stem cell therapy 12) Principles of prescription writing i. Over the counter drugs1. Therapeutic & Toxic Potential 4. Toxicology 1) Environmental, Occupational and Industrial Toxicology i. Environmental - heavy metal1. Arsenic2. Mercury3. Lead4. Cadmiumii. Nonmetallic environmental toxicants 1. Air pollutants2. Insecticides3. Rodenticides4. Fungicides5. Herbicides6. Fumigants 2) Basic principles of diagnosis and treatment of drug poisoning i. Clinical features of common poisoningii. Applied analytical toxicologyiii. Antidotes in the management of poisoning 1. Heavy Metal Intoxication and Chelatorsiv. Toxicovigilance 5. Molecular Biology in Pharmacology 1) Gene expression2) Proteomics3) Techniques involved in studying receptor dynamics4) PCR5) Northern blot, Southern blot and Western blot 6) Protein purification 7) Molecular biology in receptor identification 8) Antisense oligonucleotides 9) Recombinant DNA technology
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9789813297784
Verschijningsdatum 29 nov. 2019
Omvang 417
Editie 1st ed. 2019
Auteur(s) Gerard Marshall Raj Ramasamy Raveendran
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Taal Engels
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