Introduction to Veterinary Pathology

  • Norman F. Cheville
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Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, Third Edition, is constructed for the beginning student in veterinary pathology, to introduce new scientific information on mechanisms of general tissue injury into the language of medicine. The basic concepts of pathology are integrated into clinical medicine. Chapters on cellular degeneration and necrosis, inflammation, thrombosis, hemodynamic disorders, and neoplasia have been reconstructed to include the latest in new scientific information and color illustrations of gross pathology. The revised 3rd edition also includes new chapters on infectious diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases, ecosystems and environmental pathology, and forensic pathology and bioterrorism.
Preface. Introduction. 1. Overview: Injury, Death and Adaptive Responses. The Language of Pathology. The Diagnosis. Necrosis. Adaptive Responses to Injury and Altered Stimulation. Pathologists at Work. 2. Cell Death and Cell Recovery. Necrosis: Morphology and Mechanisms. Apoptosis: Programmed Cell Death. Cell Protection and Recovery. 3. Cellular Responses to Sublethal Injury. Metabolite Overload. Protein Aggregation Disorders. Amyloid. Calcification. Pigments. Crystals. Connective Tissue Substances. 4. Inflammation. Overview. Clinical Signs and Lesions. Pathogenesis of Acute Inflammation. Systemic Signs of Acute Inflammation. Chemical Mediators of Inflammation. Chronic Inflammation. 5. Repair: Wound Healing and Regeneration. Repair. Angiogenesis. Fibrosis. Epithelialization. Regeneration. 6. Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Overview. Prevention of Coagulation by Normal Endothelium. Platelet Aggregation. Blood Coagulation. Thrombosis. 7. Hemodynamic Disorders. Cardiovascular Disease and its Consequences. Edema. Hemorrhage. Shock. Infarction. Embolism. Collateral and Compensatory Circulation. Vascular Shunts and Fistulae. Lymphatic Blockage. Ischemia. 8. Neoplasia:Characterizing the Neoplasm. Overview. Benign vs Malignant. Making the Correct Diagnosis. 9. Spread, Host Responses, and Genetics of Cancer. The Spread of Neoplasms. Clinical Effects of Neoplasms. Restraint of Neoplastic Growth. The Genetic Basis of Cancer. The Cancer Cell. 10. Causes of Cancer. Chemical Carcinogenesis. Viral Oncogenesis. Physical Agents Associated with Neoplasms. 11. Immunologic Disorders. Disorders from Reduced Innate Immunity. Defects in Adaptive Immunity. Hypersensitivity Disease. Autoimmune Disease. 12. Genetic Disorders and Teratology. Overview. Mutant Genes of Large Effect (Mendelian Disorders). Multifactoral (Polygenic) Inheritance Disorders. Chromosomal Disorders. Teratology. 13. Infectious Diseases. Prions. Viral Diseases. Bacterial Diseases. Fungal and Algal Diseases. Pathology of Parasitism. 14. Nutritional and Metabolic Disease. Nutritional Diseases. Metabolic Diseases. Aging. 15. Ecosystems and Forensic Pathology. Airborne Pollutants: inhalation toxicity. Environmental Pollutants. Aquatic Ecosystems. Agricultural Hazards. Wildlife Ecosystems: free ranging animals. 16. Forensic Pathology. Forensic Science. Bioterrorism. Index
"Dr. Cheville is a distinguished expert in the field of veterinary pathology...any text produced by this author will contain a valuable collection of knowledge." Veterinary Pathology
Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9780813824956
Verschijningsdatum 21 aug. 2006
Omvang 392
Editie 3Rev ed
Auteur(s) Norman F. Cheville
Taal Engels
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