ITI Treatment Guide, Volume 10: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone

Current Treatment Modalities and Materials for Single-tooth Replacements

  • Daniel Buser, Stephen Chen, Daniel Wismeijer
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Dental implants are used routinely throughout the world to replace missing teeth. With the broadening of treatment options and an increasing number of clinicians who provide implant therapy, it is important to ensure that the treatment methods used meet the highest clinical standards. The ITI Treatment Guide series is a compendium of evidence-based implant-therapy techniques and procedures for daily practice. Written by renowned clinicians and supported by contributions from expert practitioners, the ITI Treatment Guides provide a comprehensive overview of various clinical options. The management of different clinical situations is discussed with an emphasis on sound diagnostics, evidence-based treatment concepts, and predictable treatment outcomes with minimal risk to the patient.
Chapter 01. Introduction (W. Martin, V. Chappuis) Chapter 02. Consensus Statements: Statements and Recommendations Obtained from the 5th ITI Consensus Conference (V. Chappuis, W. Martin) Chapter 03. Preoperative Risk Assessment and Treatment Planning for Optimal Esthetic Outcomes (W. Martin, V. Chappuis, D. Morton, D. Buser) Chapter 04. Selecting Biomaterials for Implant Procedures (V. Chappuis, S. S. Jensen, D. D. Bosshardt, D. Buser) Chapter 05. Surgical Considerations for Optimal Esthetic Outcomes (V. Chappuis, S. Chen, D. Buser) Chapter 06. Prosthetic Management for Optimal Esthetic Outcomes (W. Martin, A. Hamilton) Chapter 07. Clinical Case Presentations Chapter 08. Esthetic Complications (V. Chappuis, W. Martin, D. Buser) Chapter 09. Conclusions (W. Martin, V. Chappuis) Chapter 10. References (W. Martin, V. Chappuis)
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9783868673432
Verschijningsdatum 8 jun. 2017
Omvang 444
Redactie Daniel Buser, Stephen Chen, Daniel Wismeijer
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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