Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

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Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation is a complete guide to using therapeutic lasers to treat veterinary patients, focusing on practical information. Offers a comprehensive resource for incorporating therapeutic lasers in veterinary practiceFocuses on practical information tailored for the veterinary clinicWritten by 37 leading experts in veterinary laser therapyProvides a thorough foundation on this standard-of-care modalityEmphasizes clinical applications with a real-world approach
About the Editors xi List of Contributors xiii Foreword xv Preface xvii Disclaimer xix Part I The History of Laser Therapy 1 1 The History of Laser Therapy 3Ronald J. Riegel Part II The Theory and Science of Laser Therapy 7 2 Fundamental Information 9Ronald J. Riegel and John C. Godbold, Jr. 3 Laser Physics in Veterinary Medicine 19Bryan J. Stephens 4 Therapy Laser Safety 29Kenneth E. Bartels 5 Basic Principles of Photobiomodulation and Its Effects at the Cellular, Tissue, and System Levels 36Juanita J. Anders, Ann Kobiela Ketz, and Xingjia Wu Part III Practical Applications of Laser Therapy 53 6 General Principles of Laser Therapy 55Jeffrey J. Smith 7 Contraindications, Special Considerations, and Precautions 67John C. Godbold, Jr. and Ronald J. Riegel Part IV Clinical Applications of Laser Therapy in Companion Animals 75 8 Laser Therapy and Pain Management 77Jennifer F. Johnson 9 Intra- and Postoperative Laser Therapy 88Steven Buijs and John C. Godbold, Jr. 10 Wounds 100David S. Bradley 11 Dermatological and Non-musculoskeletal Soft-Tissue Conditions 114Daniel M. Core and John C. Godbold, Jr. 12 Snake Bites 128Barbara R. Gores 13 Musculoskeletal Disorders and Osteoarthritis 132Lisa A. Miller 14 Upper and Lower Respiratory Conditions 150Ray A. Arza 15 Oral Conditions 161Ray A. Arza 16 Abdominal Conditions 169Richard L. Godine 17 Neurological Conditions 179Richard L. Godine 18 Laser Therapy for the Geriatric Patient 188Erin O'Leary 19 Feline-Specific Conditions 198Jennifer O. Lavallee and James Olson Part V Clinical Applications of Laser Therapy in Canine Sports Medicine 213 20 Laser Therapy for the Canine Athlete 215Debra Canapp 21 Discipline-Specific Canine Sports Medicine Applications 227Deborah M. Gross Part VI Clinical Applications of Laser Therapy in Companion Animal Rehabilitation 239 22 Laser Therapy and Multimodal Postoperative Rehabilitation 241Jeffrey J. Smith 23 Laser Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation 252Matthew W. Brunke 24 Laser Therapy and Multimodal Performance Maintenance 267Deborah M. Gross 25 Laser Therapy and Geriatric Rehabilitation 277Dianne Adjan Logan Part VII Clinical Applications of Laser Therapy in Exotic Animals 285 26 Laser Therapy for Exotic Small Mammals 287Jorg Mayer and Robert D. Ness 27 Laser Therapy for Birds 298Robert D. Ness and Jorg Mayer 28 Laser Therapy for Reptiles 306Jorg Mayer and Robert D. Ness 29 Laser Therapy for Aquatic Species 313Donald W. Stremme 30 Zoological Applications of Laser Therapy 320Liza Dadone and Tara Harrison
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9781119220114
Verschijningsdatum 19 mei 2017
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Taal Engels
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