Leading and Managing Health Services

An Australasian Perspective

  • Gary E. Day Sandra G. Leggat
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Leading and Managing Health Services: An Australasian Perspective provides a comprehensive overview of leadership and management in health services with a particular focus on the Australasian context. This text aims to help students develop leadership and management skills, and to critically analyse the issues they will face in practical health service settings. The book features a contemporary approach to learning, in line with the Health LEADS Australia framework which focuses on five key leadership attributes: Leads self, Engages systems, Achieves outcomes, Drives innovations and Shapes systems. Further, it offers a rich pedagogy both in the text and companion website. Chapters include case studies to provide examples of management and leadership issues in healthcare settings, and a wealth of reflective, short answer and multiple-choice questions to extend student learning. Written by respected Australian academics and industry experts, this text will equip health professional students with practical skills to successfully manage change and innovation.
Part I. Introduction: 1. Concept of leadership and management in health services Mindaugas Stankunas; 2. Leadership and management frameworks and theories Melanie Bish; Part II. Leads Self: 3. Ethical leadership Gian Luca Casali and Gary E. Day; 4. Self-management John Adamm Ferrier; 5. Emotional intelligence and self-awareness Leila Karimi and Jiri Rada; 6. Exploring values Eleanor Milligan and Jennifer Jones; 7. Ambiguity and leadership Mark Avery; 8. Leadership and critical reflective practice Lorraine Venturato; Part III. Engages Others: 9. Communication leadership Mark Keough; 10. Leading inter-professional teams Katrina Radford and Anneke Fitzgerald; 11. Clinical governance Cathy Balding; 12. Partnering with stakeholders Sharon Brownie and Audrey Holmes; 13. Power and political astuteness Nicola McNeil; 14. Influencing strategically Mark Avery; 15. Networking John Rasa; Part IV. Achieves Outcomes: 16. Holding to account Ged Williams and Linda Fraser; 17. Critical thinking and decision making Richard Baldwin; 18. Managing and leading staff David S. Briggs and Godfrey Isouard; 19. Project management Zhanming Liang; 20. Financial management Ian Edwards; 21. Negotiating Sandra G. Leggat; Part V. Drives Innovation: 22. Creativity and visioning Godfrey Isouard; 23. Evidence-based practice Sandra G. Leggat and Denise M. Jepsen; 24. Successfully managing conflict Gary Day; 25. Building positive workplace cultures Gary Day and Kirsty Marles; 26. Leading and managing change Gary Day and Elizabeth Shannon; 27. Quality and service improvement Martin Connor; Part VI. Shapes Systems: 28. Workforce-planning Ged Williams and Ben Archdall; 29. Strategic planning Sandra G. Leggat; 30. Health service planning Chaojie Liu and John Adamm Ferrier.
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781107486393
Verschijningsdatum 19 jun. 2015
Omvang 280
Auteur(s) Gary E. Day Sandra G. Leggat
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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