Managing the Laboratory Animal Facility

  • Jerald Silverman
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Praise for the Previous Editions "The author brings in management wisdom from the world outside laboratory animal medicine and veterinary medicine. As a result, there is a rich mixture of the experience of a seasoned professional and the theoretical framework used by schools of management ...I recommend this book to managers and laboratory animal specialists at any stage of their careers." -Franklin M. Loew, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, JAVMA, Vol. 222, No. 6, 2003 "...This book is a good informational resource for any new manager to the field of laboratory management. The information is presented in a way that will keep your interest and stimulate you to think how it can benefit you and the facility in which you work." -Susan K. Cutter, BS, RVT, RLATG, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, LAMA Review Written in Jerry Silverman's trademark style, Managing the Laboratory Animal Facility, Third Edition provides the reader with sound management theory and associated management practices that are easy to read, easy to understand, easy to implement, and pertinent to the daily management and leadership of laboratory animal facilities. Maintaining the practical focus of previous editions, this greatly expanded volume presents the critical knowledge needed to help you make efficient and effective use of the key resources that are used every day by vivarium managers - people, time, money, and information. New to the Third Edition Incorporating the latest developments in management theory and application, the edition contains approximately 100 pages of new and expanded material. This more detailed coverage: * Discusses lean management concepts and practices and their application to laboratory animal science * Adds information on many essential topics, especially in human resources management in its treatment of negotiations, influence, and performance reviews * Provides a large number of revisions and updates to Appendix 2 in its presentation of Per diem calculations * Includes an extensive list of references for further study of specialized topics
The basics of managing a laboratory animal facility. The organizational environment, The management of human resources. Managing financial resources. . Management of information resources. Time management. Leadership. Appendix 1 - Productivity goals and measurements. Appendix 2 - Setting per diem rates. Appendix 3 - Hiring the right person. Appendix 4 - Training.
Uitgavejaar 2016
ISBN 9781498742788
Verschijningsdatum 21 okt. 2016
Omvang 432
Auteur(s) Jerald Silverman
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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