Manual of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Nurses

  • Colin Yates
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Nurses working within the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery play an important role and need a sound awareness of the various aspects of nursing care involved. By drawing on practical examples, "A Manual of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Nurses" will provide nurses with a deeper and more informed understanding of procedures and surgical techniques, and overall care of the patient in the specialty. The majority of conditions and procedures which would be seen in most units are described in terms of relevant anatomy and pathology as well as operative details, with due emphasis on pre- and post-operative nursing care and patient information.It provides comprehensive coverage of nursing care in the specialty. It features nurse contributors for out-patient, operating theatre and ward care. It provides detailed pre- and post-operative nursing care. Practical examples of patient information are provided throughout the book. This book will be of interest to nurses in the specialty working in the out-patient department, on the ward and in the operating theatre. Dental surgery assistants working in specialist dental practice will also find it a useful resource, as will dental students, operating department assistants and maxillofacial technicians.
Contribritors.Preface.Acknowledgemnets.Introduction.Chapter 1 The Out-patient Department. (P. Daymond)Chapter 2 Pre-assessment. (P. Edwards)Chapter 3 The Ward and Day Unit. (M. Russell)Chapter 4 Operating Theatre. (M. Slater)Chapter 5 Dentoalveolar Surgery. (T.J. Storrs and C. Yates)Chapter 6 benign Soft Tissue Lesions. (G. Pell and C. Yates)Chapter 7 Surgery for Jaw Deformity. (P. Cove)Chapter 8 Salivary Glands. (C. Yates)Chapter 9 Maxikkifacial Trauma. (G.D.D. Roberts and C. Roberts)Chapter 10 The Temporomandibular Joint. (R.P. Juniper)Chapter 11 Part I Malignancy of the Maxillofacial Region. (P.J. Leopard)Part II Skin Cancer. (M. Telfer)Part III The Role of the Head and Neck Nurse Specialist. (L. Knighton)Chapter 12 Pre-prosthetic Surgery. (G. T. Cheney)Chapter 13 Clef Lip and Palate. (G. Pell)Suggested Gurther Reading.Index.
"[the book] is well illustrated and...on that basis alone, the book would be useful for dental nurses working in an Oral & Maxillo Facial Unit."The British Dental Nurses' Journal
Uitgavejaar 2000
ISBN 9780632051564
Verschijningsdatum 31 mrt. 2000
Omvang 308
Auteur(s) Colin Yates
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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