Medical Mycology

Cellular and Molecular Techniques

  • Kevin Kavanagh
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Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular techniques is a clear and concise overview of the subject that details the techniques essential for ongoing research in the area. Drawing together contributions from both scientists and clinicians working in the field, the text will provide a valuable perspective on the applicability of specific techniques to patient care. A wide range of molecular, immunological and cytological techniques are discussed throughout, with the inclusion of protocol section in each chapter designed to provide both a background a up-to-date account of the applications of each procedure. Every technique is fully referenced and illustrations are provided where required to enhance student understanding.* comprehensive introduction to the key techniques critical to the study of medical mycology* clear explanation of how each technique is applied in the lab* contributions from internationally recognised experts in the field* outlines the background to many techniques required for the successful completion of a research project An invaluable reference for students of microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology as well as postgraduates and researchers in the field of medical mycology looking for an up-to-date overview of the latest laboratory techniques.
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Diagnosis of Candida Infection in Tissue by Immunohistochemistry (Malcolm D. Richardson, Riina Rautemaa and Jarkko Hietanen). 2 Transmission Electron Microscopy of Pathogenic Fungi (Guy Tronchin and Jean-Philippe Bouchara). 3 Evaluation of Molecular Responses and Antifungal Activity of Phagocytes to Opportunistic Fungi (Maria Simitsopoulou and Emmanuel Roilides). 4 Determination of the Virulence Factors of Candida Albicans and Related Yeast Species (Khaled H. Abu-Elteen and Mawieh Hamad). 5 Analysis of Drug Resistance in Pathogenic Fungi (Gary P. Moran, Emmanuelle Pinjon, David C. Coleman and Derek J. Sullivan). 6 Animal Models for Evaluation of Antifungal Efficacy Against Filamentous Fungi (Eric Dannaoui). 7 Proteomic Analysis of Pathogenic Fungi (Alan Murphy). 8 Extraction and Detection of DNA and RNA from Yeast (Patrick Geraghty and Kevin Kavanagh). 9 Microarrays for Studying Pathogenicity in Candida Albicans (Andre Nantel, Tracey Rigby, Herve' Hogues and Malcolm Whiteway). 10 Molecular Techniques for Application with Aspergillus Fumigatus (Nir Osherov and Jacob Romano). 11 Promoter Analysis and Generation of Knock-out Mutants in Aspergillus Fumigatus (Matthias Brock, Alexander Gehrke, Venelina Sugareva and Axel A. Brakhage). 12 Microarray Technology for Studying the Virulence of Aspergillus Fumigatus (Darius Armstrong-James and Thomas Rogers). 13 Techniques and Strategies for Studying Virulence Factors in Cryptococcus Neoformans (Nancy Lee and Guilhem Janbon). 14 Genetic Manipulation of Zygomycetes (Ashraf S. Ibrahim and Christopher D. Skory). Index.
"There is no other current book that gives the details on experimental procedures that this one does...a very worthwhile acquisition for investigators working with fungi." (Doody's Health Services)
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780470057414
Verschijningsdatum 14 jun. 2007
Omvang 348
Auteur(s) Kevin Kavanagh
Taal Engels
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