Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes

  • Michael F. Drummond Mark J. Sculpher Karl Claxton
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The purpose of economic evaluation is to inform decisions intended to improve healthcare. The new edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes equips the reader with the necessary tools and understanding required to undertake evaluations by providing an outline of key principles and a 'tool kit' based on the authors' own experiences of undertaking economic evaluations. Building on the strength of the previous edition, the accessible writing style ensures the text is key reading for the non-expert reader, as no prior knowledge of economics is required. The book employs a critical appraisal framework, which is useful both to researchers conducting studies and to decision-makers assessing them. Practical examples are provided throughout to aid learning and understanding. The book discusses the analytical and policy challenges that face health systems in seeking to allocate resources efficiently and fairly. New chapters include 'Principles of economic evaluation' and 'Making decisions in healthcare' which introduces the reader to core issues and questions about resource allocation, and provides an understanding of the fundamental principles which guide decision making. A key part of evidence-based decision making is the analysis of all the relevant evidence to make informed decisions and policy. The new chapter 'Identifying, synthesising and analysing evidence' highlights the importance of systematic review, and how and why these methods are used. As methods of analysis continue to develop, the chapter on 'Characterising, reporting and interpreting uncertainty' introduces the reader to recent methods of analysis and why characterizing uncertainty matters for health care decisions. The fourth edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes has been thoroughly revised and updated, making it essential reading for anyone commissioning, undertaking, or using economic evaluations in health care, including health service professionals, health economists, and health care decision makers.
1. Introduction to economic evaluation ; 2. Making decisions in healthcare ; 3. Critical assessment of economic evaluation ; 4. Principles of economic evaluation ; 5. Measuring and valuing effects: health gains and QALYs ; 6. Measuring and valuing effects: contingent valuation and conjoint analysis ; 7. Cost analysis ; 8. Using clinical studies as a vehicle for economic evaluation ; 9. Economic evaluation using decision analytic modelling ; 10. Identifying, synthesising, and analysing evidence for economic evaluation ; 11. Characterising, reporting, and interpreting uncertainty ; 12. How to take matters further
Review from previous edition 'The book has some important characteristics that differentiate it from others in the field. Another unique feature is the presentation of tutorials that are highlighted in boxes.' * Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics * 'This book is a new second edition of what became the standard text for Health Economists and can be heartily recommended to anyone who is interested in this vitally important area of research.' * * 'An important contribution to studies on the economic evaluation of medical care.' * British Medical Journal * 'This is essential reading. Only if all managers are aware of the powers of economic techniques will they be used sensibly.' * Health Service Journal * 'This book suited my needs to perfection and is an ideal accompaniment to a course that combines methodology with critical appraisal and hands-on practical training in using these techniques. The methodological chapters on cost analysis and cost utility are gems... should become the standard text on the subject at the intermediate level at which it is aimed.' * Medical Decision Making * 'This book is a must for every student in health services sciences.' * Acta Hospitalia * 'The book is well designed and clearly written.' * Canadian Public Policy * 'It leaves nothing important in economic evaluation analysis untouched.' * Health Policy and Planning *
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9780199665884
Verschijningsdatum 24 sep. 2015
Omvang 464
Editie 4th Revised edition
Auteur(s) Michael F. Drummond Mark J. Sculpher Karl Claxton
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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