Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice, 2nd revised edition

  • Richard Urman, Alan Kaye
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Millions of procedures requiring sedation are performed each year, covering a large array of medical specialties in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This tremendous growth has led to sedation being administered by a wide range of healthcare providers, including non-anesthesiologist physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice is a concise, practical handbook for all medical and surgical professionals who sedate patients. This up-to-date, evidence-based 'how-to' manual instructs these professionals on how to evaluate patients, updates relevant pharmacology, and guides them on legal and quality assurance issues. It contains advice on sedation for specific populations, such as elderly, pediatric, ICU, emergency room, endoscopy, and reproductive technologies. Written and edited by experts in procedural sedation and sedation education, this book will help users develop safer techniques, policies, and procedures. It is essential reading for any healthcare provider administering moderate or deep sedation.
List of contributors; Foreword Lisa Morrissey; Preface to the second edition; Preface to the first edition; Guidelines and standards Richard D. Urman, Elyse M. Cornett, Charles J. Fox and Alan David Kaye; 1. Introduction to moderate and deep sedation Renata M. Miketic, Bommy Hong, Eugenie S. Heitmiller and Emmett E. Whitaker; 2. Pharmacology principles in sedation Alan David Kaye, Julie A. Gayle, Aaron J. Kaye and Adam M. Kaye; 3. Pain assessment and management considerations Renata M. Miketic, Bommy Hong, Eugenie S. Heitmiller and Emmett E. Whitaker; 4. Patient evaluation and procedure selection Debra E. Morrison and Kristi Dorn Hare; 5. Patient monitoring, equipment, and intravenous fluids Shilpadevi Patil, Sridhar Tirumala, Harish Siddaiah, Michael Franklin, Wesley Day, Matthew Gray, Elyse Cornett and Charles J. Fox; 6. Credentialing, competency, and education Ellen K. Bergeron and Jennifer Kales; 7. Quality, legal, and risk management considerations: ensuring program excellence Mary T. Antonelli and David E. Seaver; 8. Nursing considerations for sedation Jennifer Kales and Louise Caperelli-White; 9. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners Allie Shea, Jennifer Kales and Heather Trafton; 10. High-risk patients: sedation considerations in coexisting disease Charles J. Fox, Henry Liu, Elyse M. Cornett and Alan David Kaye; 11. Respiratory compromise in moderate and deep sedation Rhodri Saunders, Sam Ajizian and Michael Mestek; 12. Management of complications of moderate and deep sedation Henry Liu, Charles J. Fox, Elyse M. Cornett and Alan David Kaye; 13. Recovery and discharge after procedural sedation Henry Liu, Camellia Asgarian, Marcus Zebrower, Mary Im and Alan David Kaye; 14. Outcomes, controversies, and future trends Julia Metzner and Karen B. Domino; 15. Simulation training for sedation Valeriy Kozmenko and Lyubov Kozmenko; 16. Sedation in the radiology suite Brenda Schmitz; 17. Sedation in the endoscopy suite Arjun Reddy and Kai Matthes; 18. Sedation in the interventional cardiology suite Pushpa Koyyalamudi, Sudipta Sen, Katherine Stammen, Gurleen Sidhu, Elyse M. Cornett and Charles J. Fox; 19. Sedation in the emergency department Heikki E. Nikkanen; 20. Sedation in the intensive care setting John P. Gaillard; 21. Pediatric sedation: practical considerations Corey E. Collins; 22. Pediatric sedation: safety and outcomes Lisa Lee and Joel Stockman; 23. Sedation in the office and other outpatient settings Debra E. Morrison and Kristi Dorn Hare; 24. Sedation in dentistry Jennifer E. Woerner, G. E. Ghali, Charles J. Fox, Alan David Kaye, Elyse M. Cornett and Melissa Wibowo; 25. Sedation for assisted reproductive technologies Vesela Kovacheva and Patricia M. Sequeira; 26. Interventional pain management procedures Alan David Kaye and Laxmaiah Manchikanti; 27. Emergency resuscitation algorithms: adults Jue Teresa Wang; 28. Emergency resuscitation algorithms: infants and children Jue Teresa Wang; Index.
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9781316626641
Verschijningsdatum 12 okt. 2017
Omvang 380
Redactie Richard Urman, Alan Kaye
Editie 2nd Revised edition
Auteur(s) Richard D. Urman Alan David Kaye
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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