MRI of the Knee

  • J. Kramer
€ 141,90
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A must-have for every MRI diagnostician!

MRI of the Knee is a comprehensive guide for investigations of the knee joint. It is provided with recent pictures and enables the reader to approach MR reporting of the knee in a practical way. Clinical aspects and a number of schematic diagrams make it easier to understand current trends in diagnostic investigation of the knee with MRI. All diseases of the knee joint are elucidated by top-ranking international authors in the 17 chapters of the book. It is suitable for reading and may also be used as a reference. Its modern and reader-friendly layout, created by University Publisher 3.0, complements the professional presentation of this bestseller.

Uitgavejaar 2013
ISBN 9783950329698
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2013
Omvang 376
Editie 1
Auteur(s) J. Kramer
Bindwijze Hardcover
Taal Engels
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