Multidetector CT in Neuroimaging

  • E. Teasdale
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This is the first atlas to be dedicated exclusively to MDCT imaging of the CNS. It is organised by anatomical region, with checklists indicating when MDCT is the modality of choice. It includes protocols for performing the investigations described. Multidetector CT continues to find new applications in an ever increasing range of specialties, and this new volume provides a superb illustrated introduction to using MDCT when examining the central nervous system. Beginning with an overview of the capabilities of the technique the authors then review each of the principal anatomical regions in turn, detailing appropriate protocols for obtaining satisfactory images, and illustrating normal anatomy and normal variants before presenting a comprehensive selection of common pathological findings, with notes on how these images may be recorded to best advantage. Special sections are dedicated to CT angiography, particularly in the assessment of stroke, trauma and other emergencies, and to skull base imaging, now an indispensable tool for planning complex surgical approaches.
Preface; General note; Notes on images; Bibliography; Abbreviations; 1. Routine non-contrast brain imaging; 2. Contrast enhanced brain imaging; 3. Orbital pathology; 4. Visual failure; 5. Pituitary imaging; 6. Cranial nerve palsies 3-6; 7. Intracranial imaging in stroke: ischaemic; 8. Vascular imaging in ischaemic stroke and TIA; 9. Acute haemorrhagic stroke; 10. Variations in arterial anatomy; 11. Venous pathology and variations in venous anatomy; 12. Cranial nerve palsies 7-12; 13. Spinal imaging; General index.
Uitgavejaar 2009
ISBN 9781846925962
Serie Atlas and Practical Guide
Verschijningsdatum 1 apr. 2009
Omvang 152
Auteur(s) E. Teasdale
Bindwijze Diversen
Taal Engels
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