Nonprescription Product Therapeutics

Nonprescription Product Therapeutics : Pocket Guide

  • W.Steven Pray
€ 42,00
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This timely new resource contains selected content from the popular text "Nonprescription Product Therapeutics", providing all the necessary information for patient counseling situations. Lightweight and portable in a pocket-sized format, it's the ideal resource for pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists alike. There's no other rapid reference like it currently available. Its features include counseling tips that highlight information patients need to know, patient assessment algorithms that guide you through complex therapeutic decisions, alerts on dangerous or life-threatening ingredients, actions, or situations, and a color insert containing 48 photos of disorders to aid in suggesting medications.
Uitgavejaar 2004
ISBN 9780781737883
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2004
Omvang 696
Auteur(s) W.Steven Pray
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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