Nuclear Techniques in Diagnostic Medicine

  • Peter P. van Rijk
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This book was conceived by Professor K.H. Ephraim, the former director of the Institute for Nuclear Medicine of the University Hospital of Utrecht. Unfortunately, due to a serious illness, he was not able to finish the work he started. He is, however, very pleased to know that the book is, nevertheless, being published. In principle the volume consists of two parts. The first is dedicated to basic science and technology in nuclear medicine. It provides the data which are necessary to a clear understanding of the possibilities and limitations of investigations which make use of radioactive materials. The second part of the book covers those disciplines in medicine in which nuclear medicine can be of help in solving certain clinical problems. Each chapter can be read separately, even without thorough knowledge of the first part of the book. The contributors to this book come from both Europe and North- America. Each of them has written his chapter out of long-standing personal interest in his particular field of nuclear medicine. This book will be of value to a wide variety of professionals. It is of interest not only to clinicians of various specialties, but also to diagnostic professionals, i.e. radiologists and nuclear medicine clinicians. Last but not least it will be of use to physicians in training.
1. Radioactivity: Measurements and Instrumentation.- 2. Nuclear imaging.- 3. Radiopharmaceuticals.- 4. Radiation dosimetry in diagnostic procedures.- 5. Data acquisition and processing in in vivo nuclear medicine.- 6. Radionuclide brain studies.- 7. Radionuclide techniques in cardiology.- 8. Radiospirometry and lung scintigraphy.- 9. Radionuclide techniques for examination of bone disease.- 10. Renography and renal imaging.- 11. Radionuclide methods in tumour localisation.- 12. Nuclear gastroenterology.- 13. Scintigraphy of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland.- Scintigraphy of the parathyroid gland.- Scintigraphy of the adrenal gland.- 14. Radionuclide techniques in hematology.- Index of subjects.
Uitgavejaar 1986
ISBN 9780898387445
Verschijningsdatum 24 jun. 1986
Omvang 528
Editie 1986 ed.
Auteur(s) Peter P. van Rijk
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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