Nutrition-Based Health

Nutricines and Nutrients, Health Maintenance and Disease Avoidance in Animals

  • Clifford A. Adams
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Animal health has major implications nowadays for the food supply, public health and international trade. However, there is increasing reluctance to rely upon therapeutic solutions to animal health using drugs and medicines. Consequently Nutrition-based Health is the only available strategy to avoid disease and maintain health in animals.
Feed Components: Nutrients and Nutricines in Nutrition-based Health * The Genome, Gene Expression and Feed * Feed-Pathogen Interactions * Feed-Mycotoxin Interactions * Feed-Host Interactions (1): Gastrointestinal Integrity * Feed-Host Interactions (2): Support the Immune System * Feed-Host Interactions (3) : Oxidative Stress and Disease * Feed Intake and Health Assessment * General Conclusions * Index
"A valuable textbook and reference work . . . certainly very useful for research workers, advanced students, and advisors in animal nutrition." --"Animal Feed Science and Technology"
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9781904761587
Verschijningsdatum 22 mei 2007
Omvang 178
Auteur(s) Clifford A. Adams
Taal Engels
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