Oncologic Emergencies

  • Roy A.J. Spence
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Oncologic emergencies can relate either to the cancer itself or its treatment. As the number of cancer patients receiving treatment is increasing and the number of clinicians encountering emergencies is rising, optimal outcomes in these patients relies on the recognition of early symptoms and signs and the implementation of appropriate therapy. This book covers the broad spectrum of oncologic emergencies in the major systems ranging from cardiovascular emergencies to neurological emergencies, bone problems through to acute pain and psychiatric problems. The acute infectious and haematological emergencies, which are extremely common and life-threatening, are dealt with in detail. Each chapter provides a background to complications and clearly outlines the modern approach to treatment. For ease of reference the book contains algorithms as guidelines for the management of various emergency situations which will be of use to the practising clinician. Written by an international team of experts, Oncologic Emergencies provides clear, accessible guidelines to ensure effective and immediate treatment and management. This book is aimed at trainees in oncology and practising oncologists, and will also appeal to family doctors, specialist nurses and individuals working in emergency medicine.
1. Cardiovascular emergencies ; 2. Neurological emergencies ; 3. Metabolic emergencies ; 4. Respiratory emergencies ; 5. Urological emergencies ; 6. Gastrointestinal emergencies ; 7. Hepatic, biliary and pancreatic problems ; 8. Bone emergencies ; 9. Acute pain emergencies ; 10. Psychiatric emergencies ; 11. Paediatric emergencies ; 12. Infectious diseases emergencies ; 13. Haematological emergencies ; 14. Dermatological emergencies ; 15. Radiation emergencies ; 16. Drug related emergencies
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780198508670
Serie Clarendon Lectures in English Literature
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2002
Omvang 382
Auteur(s) Roy A.J. Spence
Taal Engels

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