Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry

  • Niruj Agrawal Rafey Faruqui Mayur Bodani
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A survey of over 900 trainees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) in the United Kingdom showed that over three-quarters of psychiatry trainees desired some knowledge and training in the field of neuropsychiatry. Recent years have given rise to a substantial global focus on integrating neurosciences and neuropsychiatry in psychiatric training. Neuropsychiatry forms an important part of the psychiatric curriculum and is examined in theory and in clinical exams. Similarly, neuropsychiatry is also of interest to neurology trainees, and it is increasingly recognised that all neurology trainees should have some knowledge and experience in neuropsychiatry. Despite this growing interest, there is a dearth of neuropsychiatry textbooks specifically geared towards trainees and other clinicians who are not specialist in the field. Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry helps to bridge the gap between general psychiatric textbooks and reference texts in neuropsychiatry. Organised into four sections, the book covers the basic knowledge and skills relevant to neuropsychiatry, the various neuropsychiatric conditions, the principles of treatment, and perspectives for neuropsychiatry worldwide. Chapters have been written by international experts who are leaders in their own fields with the view to taking an evidence-based, up-to-date, global perspective on neuropsychiatric problems and treatment. The book is relevant to trainees in psychiatry, neurology, neurorehabilitation and also to various allied professionals in neuroscience and mental health. It covers core knowledge and skills for practice in all psychiatric disciplines including core knowledge for training in neuropsychiatry. The book meets curriculum requirements for various international training programmes and examinations, and serves as an essential training text book for all psychiatric and neurology trainees worldwide.
SECTION 1 FOUNDATIONS AND BASIC SKILLS 1: Michael Trimble: The history and scope of neuropsychiatry 2: Jonathan Silver and Sonja Blum: Introduction to the neuropsychiatric exam 3: Jan A. Coebergh and Biba R. Stanton: The neurological examination in neuropsychiatry 4: Norman Poole and Derek Bolton: Philosophy and neuropsychiatry 5: Michael Trimble: Phenomenology - A neuropsychiatric perspective 6: John Hart Jr.: Basic neuroanatomy review 7: Elisaveta Sokolov and Nandini Mullatti: Neurophysiology in neuropsychiatry 8: Naga Kandasamy and Dana Niry: Structural neuroimaging in neuropsychiatry 9: Robin Hurley, Shane C. Masters, and Katherine Taber: Functional neuroimaging in neuropsychiatry 10: Suman Ray: Proteomics and metabolomics in neuropsychiatry 11: James R. Burrell, John R. Hodges, and Olivier Piguet: Neuropsychological assessment of dementia 12: Stefania Bruno and Nayana Lahiri: Genetics of neuropsychiatric disease 13: Perminder Sachdev and Adith Mohan: Neuropsychiatry curriculum and key clinical competencies 14: Rachel Patel and Neil A. Harrison: Immunology related to neuropsychiatry 15: David Linden: Neuropsychiatry of consciousness SECTION 2 CORE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC CONDITIONS 16: Niruj Agrawal: Brain injury 17: Marco Mula and Mahinda Yogarajah: Neuropsychiatric aspects of epilepsy 18: Andrea E. Cavanna and Hugh Rickards: Neuropsychiatric aspects of movement disorders 19: Yvonne Chun, Laura McWhirter, and Alan Carson: Neuropsychiatry of stroke and TIA 20: Guleed Adan, Sam Nightingale, Christine Burness, and Tom Solomon: Infections of the central nervous system 21: Alex J. Mitchell and Audrey Hopwood: Neuropsychiatric aspects of CNS tumours in adults 22: Thomas Pollak, Ester Coutinho, Emma Palmer-Cooper, and Angela Vincent: Inflammatory and autoimmune disorders in neuropsychiatry 23: Anthony Feinstein and Bennis Pavisian: The neuropsychiatry of demyelinating disorders 24: Mark Edwards, Sarah Cope, Niruj Agrawal: Functional neurological disorders 25: Thomas E. Cope, Jeremy Isaacs, and Michael Kopelman: Memory disorders and dementias 26: Mark Walterfang, Ramon Mocellin, and Dennis Velakoulis: Neuropsychiatry of neurometabolic, neuroendocrine and mitochondrial disorders 27: Ken Wilson: Neuropsychiatry of alcohol-related brain damage 28: Ashwin Venkataraman, Sam Turton, and Anne Lingford-Hughes: Drug use and associated neuropsychiatric conditions 29: Guy Leschziner, Ivana Rosenzweig, and Brian Kent: Neuropsychiatry and sleep disorders 30: Yulia Furlong and Wai Chen: Child and adolescent neuropsychiatry 31: Shoumitro Deb and Tanya Deb: Neuropsychiatry of aggression 32: Valerie Voon: Impulsivity in humans: Neurobiology and pathology 33: Nick Medford: Neuropsychiatry of nutritional disorders 34: Stefanos Maltezos, Susannah Whitwell, and Philip Asherson: ADHD in adults 35: David Meagher, Cara Daly, and Dimitrios Adamis: Delirium 36: Max Fink: Catatonia 37: Jaime Pahissa and Sergio Starkstein: Apathy in neuropsychiatric conditions 38: Paul Shotbolt: Focal brain syndromes in neuropsychiatry SECTION 3 PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT 39: Joseph J. Cooper, Borna Bonakdarpour, and Fred Ovsiew: Psychopharmacotherapy in the neuropsychiatric patient 40: Roger LI Wood, Nick Alderman, and Andrew Worthington: Neurobehavioural rehabilitation 41: Mayur Bodani and David Wilkinson: Neurostimulation technologies in neurology and neuropsychiatry 42: Rafey A. Faruqui and George El-Nimr: Chapter 42 Models of neuropsychiatry services and neuropsychiatric care pathways 43: Nigel Eastman, Norman A. Poole, and Michael D. Kopelman: Neuropsychiatry in the criminal courts 44: Jonathan Bird and Keith Rix: Neuropsychiatry in the civil courts SECTION 4 PERSPECTIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY WORLDWIDE 46: Koho Miyoshi: Neuropsychiatry services in Japan 47: Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy and Vivek Misra: Neuropsychiatry service provision in India and South Asia 48: Martin L. Vargas, Alla Guekht, Josef Priller: Neuropsychiatry services in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe 49: Gilberto Brofman and Luis Ignacio Brusco: Neuropsychiatry services in South America
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9780198757139
Serie Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry
Verschijningsdatum 24 aug. 2020
Omvang 608
Auteur(s) Niruj Agrawal Rafey Faruqui Mayur Bodani
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